The Friday Five ~ July 15th

Friday Five

  1. A few years back I was online shopping on Amazon. My old Merrell Clogs were falling apart and I was looking for a new pair. Since I have terrible arches I almost always use these clogs as indoor and outdoor slippers. These gray clogs were on sale and I snapped them up even though I didn’t like the style. (I will say, I have grown to love them and their sort of funky style.)merrell-women-castlerock-encore-kassie-slide-wool-clogs-mules-sandals-merrell-724usacom-men-women-clothing-shoes-accessories-online-shopping-492651-10-B Over the years I was wearing them more and more until the other day when I realized that their days were limited.
    71Bq6wc5Y9L._AC_UL1500_So, after a couple of weeks of shopping sales (I refuse to pay top dollar for anything!) I found these cute Clogs. I’d ordered the black pair first, but I liked them so much that I decided to get the brown to use as slippers. The black I will use when I go out.
  2. The next favorite thing on my list is a video picture frame. I’ve loaded up a bunch of pictures and each time I walk by the frame I glance down at this frame and the assorted pictures.

    2022-07-10_03-16-59I think this is one of my most cherished gifts! It’s made by FRAMEO.

  3. Amanda and the kids gave me a Scentsy Dackel warmer for Christmas. Isn’t this the cutest thing?9a76df91bf56d19197d88a3dac740dae
    I love it and it’s near enough to me that the scent drifts my way making me very happy.
  4. My case of Covid is getting better. I think the weird thing is that the exhaustion has lingered on. I seem to sleep massive amounts. I am also using my inhaler a lot. The fever is gone, and most of the time so is the cough. My advice is to avoid getting this at all costs.
  5. This brings me to my last comment of the week. I was finally able to go out to get groceries yesterday, and I was one of the only ones wearing a mask. I live in a vacation destination and so many people from the North East have driven here and well, brought their Covid germs with them. The advice given to me by my doctor was to stay as isolated as I can. Getting another virus would not be welcome at this time.

So that’s it for the week of July 15th. I hope your weekend is a good one and that your weather is as lovely as ours.


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  1. I love my photo frame and my rotating photos are always from holidays. At times I see photos that puzzle me. Where was that? or what was that?
    I am trying to avoid Covid at all costs but I am still going out. I avoid crowds. Suddenly here there has been an upsurge of people wearing masks.

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