When Disaster Comes to Call

On Saturday I decided to make a nice easy meal. Steak, baked potato, and green beans.

As we sat down to eat (on wooden tray tables), Jack said his green beans weren’t done enough and complained they were cold. So I put my tray table about three feet from my reclining chair and went to reheat Jack’s beans.

I had just gotten the beans into the microwave when I heard a crash-bang!

Somehow, my little Heidi with those short little dackel legs had leapt toward my tray table, knocking it over and tossing my nice hot, uneaten meal onto the rug! The rug that gathers dog fur faster than I can vacuum it up.

I picked up the plate and cutlery, and then my beautiful steak and potato and beans (which were cooked perfectly!).

I got out our smaller carpet cleaner and took care of the rug, and then did the dishes and started the dishwasher.

Since I cook small meals now, there were no leftovers to chow down on. I made some scrambled egg and toast and figured that would be fine.

But I am reminded once again, that those sneaky dackels will do just about anything to get food. Even flying through the air, in hopes of nailing a filet mignon!

And then they look at us with those big beautiful brown eyes, and all hope is lost. I simply couldn’t stay angry at her. I think from now on I will eat at the kitchen table. It happens that Jack almost always needs this or that when I am trying to eat my meals. Perhaps if I eat alone in the kitchen I might just get a hot meal for a change.


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