The Friday Five ~ July 1st

Friday FiveSo here we are. July 1st! Summer. Today’s forecast is for very hot weather, so I guess I will be staying in and keeping cool with the air conditioning. Here’s this week’s Friday Five.

  1. Tuesday was a busy day. Jack had appointments down in Manchester and Concord, so I spent most of the day driving. The day was beautiful, so the drive was a nice one.
  2. I had a nice conversation with a New Hampshire State Trooper. I was sitting at the Registry of Motor Vehicles waiting to get Jack’s handicapped placard, and he was walking by, and I’m not sure how, but we struck up a conversation.
  3. My Dad worked as a Summer Cop on Cape Cod and I was joking with him that every morning Dad would freak out my Mom about what had happened the night before. He laughed and agreed. Anyway, he was a nice man, and it helped pass the time.
  4. I went to the Post Office on Tuesday and while picking up my packages, a man, a stranger to me, began to bully me for wearing a mask. He claimed that it was destroying my health. I did not engage him in conversation. But I thought, who does he think he is? Then it dawned on me that a large portion of our population has become bullies.
  5. And perhaps he was fortunate that I did have a mask on, as I got sick later that night, and have been down and out since. Not Covid, but miserable none the less.

So that was the week that was. I’m still curled up with Heidi, sleeping and forcing fluids.

Have a great weekend, and to those of you here in the USA, Happy Fourth of July!


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  1. Like you I am still very cautious and still wearing a mask. It seems so unfair that a few weeks ago I caught a cold, and now you have too. How does that work?

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