Lately, I seem to be in a learning mode. Life is ever-evolving, and as things around you change, so do you.

If you are over the age of 60-65 and not taking any medications, then that is wonderful! However, for me, I am on medications twice a day and recently, my medications went through an overhaul.

Just about the time that I started to feel better with that, things changed with Jack’s (who takes more meds than Carter has pills.) (This is an American colloquialism), care and I am just trying to keep up, and falling short every day.

This lead me to physically break down. Suddenly I have the virus that’s been going around the Lake. Cough, cold, fever, and exhaustion. I’ve been tested for Covid and it is not that, but there is a nasty Virus around, and apparently, that is what it is.

So, I’ve been sleeping and sipping herbal teas, and sleeping again. I’ve tried to make meals, but honestly, I have no appetite and no desire to cook.

I do walk the dogs in the yard, in my pajamas, which is quite a sight, I am sure. I also made a masked and gloved trip to the grocery store to buy emergency supplies. Ginger ale, crackers, and bread for toast. Then I came home and slept some more.

Today I plan to sleep, drink, and walk the dogs. Nothing strenuous. Just take care of myself.


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  1. Yeah, in spite of my Covid precautions, I caught the common cold. Not nice. The thing you know about such viruses is that your body will heel them. You just need to give in to them and rest.

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