It’s Time!

Life is amazing, isn’t it? It seems like just the other day I was beginning to plan the trip with Mandy and the kids, and now, here we are. This afternoon I will be dropped off at Mandy’s house and tomorrow we will be flying to Orlando to begin our adventure at Disney World!

I’m psyched! I got my hair done, and Wednesday around noontime my dentist called and told me that my crown had arrived! My new tooth is beautiful and I am ready for any pictures there are to be taken!

I shopped on Wednesday and got dog food, people food and a few last minute things for my trip. I am ready!

The bags are packed and I  am ready to go!

Now I am praying for a happy, healthy time. Husbands who stay in the pink, and homes that stay safe while I away!

I have places to go, people to see and adventures to conquer! Say a little prayer that I accomplish all I have planned!



4 thoughts on “It’s Time!”

  1. It is going to get cold on Monday so hope you have some warm things to wear too! Safe travels and have a blast. I can’t wait to see photos and read all about it. Prayers for your dear friend, too!

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