I’ve Gone To The Birds!

I’ve been sitting at my sliding glass door in recent days waiting for my feathered friends to come for a meal. They’ve all been around, as we have had cold temperatures and yes, even snow!

PB110010 (3)My little Downy Woodpecker female in the snow, having a snack!

They seem to be getting used to me now, as they often come to feed when I am outside. They allow me to get as close as three feet of the feeders before flying off.

And since I am getting more chances and have become more patient I am getting better pictures of my birdies!

PB140003 (2)This is a male Hairy Woodpecker. He’s quite an eater. He will peck away at the suet like he was working on a tree!

PB140006 (3)A Blue Jay flew in (I suspect this is a male) and after having words with the Hairy Woodpecker, there was a little standoff, before the Woodpecker flew away!

PB140007 (3)And here is Blue Jay. He is quite a character. If I am outside putting up the suet he will sort of screech at me to hurry up!

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