First Snow

Tuesday found us getting our first measurable snow. It was quite pretty and really left only about an inch on the ground.

20191112_160550It’s just that time of year and we are forecast to have really cold weather for the next few days. (Between 15 – 20 degrees F) This is crazy and far too early for mid-winter temperatures.

I was worried about my fine feathered friends, and I made sure their suet feeders were full. We had a few come in quickly and get a little suet and seed and fly off. But my Downy Woodpecker came by and really went to town on the seed.

PB110010 (3)He really enjoyed the suet and seed and stayed for quite a long while. Ah, my little friend!

Meanwhile, I worked on washing sheets and cooking meals and repairing my old afghan that I crocheted thirty years ago! Then I sat down to drink a little tea but got preoccupied with a thought about dinner. I’m making Lamb Chops tonight with German Bratkartoffeln (fried potato slices with onion and bacon) and red cabbage. I figured if I go to WW tomorrow to start the new plan, I might as well eat my “last supper”!

Well, off to WW I go. I hope that the new plans make sense to me and that I can find one that works for me.

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  1. I looked up Bratkartoffeln as we have it but without the cabbage and a creamy sauce and call it either potato bake or potato scallops. There are many variations for Bratkartoffeln, but I think I like the sound of yours best. I will inform Chef.

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