The Friday Five ~ Jan 26th

I’ve spent the last week lying here in the recliner, cooking. Until today, I have had a fever and felt pretty rotten. Covid is not fun!


But I think the worst is over. I will test on Sunday; hopefully, the test will be negative.

  1. Due to the high fever, all I have done is sleep. I have gotten no laundry done, and I am behind on everything.
  2. Have I mentioned I am going on another trip in May? I am going to England and will spend time with my daughter (step). It’s been so long since I saw her, and I am so excited!
  3. I hope I can at least start some laundry. I returned from my vacation, dropped my bags, sat down, and nothing got done.
  4. I’m still enjoying the Christmas decorations, but I have no desire. Soon.
  5. Both of the puppy girls are taking great care of me. I am a lucky Mama!


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