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Last week my Cell Phone Screen cracked. After weighing all my options I decided to replace the phone. I was told it would be here overnight, which meant it would arrive on Friday.

Friday came and went and in the evening I received an email that there was a delay. Something to do with bad weather and the phone arriving too late for delivery.

Okay, so when on Saturday would it arrive? They do not deliver on weekends. Ugh!

On Sunday night they wrote and said the phone would be delivered between 9:15 -11:15 AM on Monday!

Needless to say, that time came and went with no delivery. About 1:00 I got an email saying it would arrive by 7:00 PM.

That didn’t happen either. It did finally arrive at 7:30 PM.

Excitement filled the air as I unpacked the phone. My hands were shaking with anticipation!

But as I began to set up the phone I found that they had not activated the phone. OK that’s fine, but they had not added the phone and it’s serial number into our account. So there is no way for me to register the phone or transfer my Apps over.

So, my first stop tomorrow will be the Verizon Store for help. Oh well, this is a learning experience. One I have not enjoyed!

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