The Friday Five ~ August 12th

The Friday FiveThe week flew by and now here we are and it’s Friday. Wow! That sure went quickly! I could write an encyclopedia about the week, instead, I will select the top Five!

  1. My Cell Phone finally arrived and after trying to get the darn thing to work, I went to Verizon, and a nice young man got all my stuff transferred. Yay! I will say, this whole phone replacement from the Insurance Co. was more of a pain in the neck than simply going out and buying a new phone. *Groan*
  2. The heat finally broke on Thursday, but not before leaving me with a heat rash that has exacerbated my Eczema.
  3. Today, Friday is a very busy day for me and Heidi. I’m driving Heidi to the Doggy Beauty Salon near my daughter. Mandy uses this woman for her American Eskimo Dog, Winter. So I am hoping all will go well and that Miss Heidi who hates to have her nails clipped, will enjoy a good pedicure.
  4. While Heidi is getting beautiful, I go to see my Glaucoma doctor for an exam. Then off to see my Primary Care Nurse Practitioner. And since the eczema is bad, I’m swinging in to check with the dermatologist. (Also my yearly skin cancer exam.)
  5. I will stop to get Heidi, and then we are off to Mandy’s house for a visit with the kids, Matt, and their two dogs. We’re staying overnight and I’ll come back home on Saturday.

So that’s the week that was. Hope your weekend will be a great one!


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