This & That ~ August 6th


  • I was at the VA earlier this week wearing a new top I’d gotten. A complete stranger told me how much they liked my shirt. I told her she made my entire day.
  • I think my Internet Service Provider’s modem is dying. My plan is to call them in the next 24 hours and have them send me a new one.
  • My new phone is en route to the house. Yesterday I was told it would arrive today between 9-2. Then Friday morning I was told it would arrive on Sunday. Later in the day, I heard from UPS again and they told me it was out for delivery! I would be happy if it came today as I could slowly work to move my Apps over and get the phone set up.
  • We must have had a new hatching of Dragonflies. There were so many and young Heidi was running around like crazy trying to catch them.keys
  • It reminded me of the “Winged Keys” in Harry Potter. There was such joy in Heidi as she ran after them, jumping trying to get them. Likewise, the Dragonflies were watching Heidi. They were just as interested in her as she was with them.
  • It is still very hot!
  • Heidi continues to enjoy all the little places in the house.

    Here is another picture of her lounging around!

    2022-06-27_04-41-29Isn’t she the cutest thing ever?

  • Our Toad is back. Or well, is growing up here. We used to have several big Toads. Then last year we had none. This year we have one little guy who loves to jump around and tease the dogs.P9040004 (2)
    Heidi could care less, but Lili is like a little kid and I have to remind her not to bite the toad.
  • Well the Cell Phone did not arrive on Friday. If the scanned package entries were correct, it should have arrived. I will watch things closely and if it doesn’t arrive tomorrow I will call.

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  1. Didn’t you get a new modem not so long ago? But it is a good idea to update them as they improve all the time.

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