Friday Five ~ August 5th

Friday FiveThis week sped by. Not only that, but it is now August! Now how did that happen? Here we go with this week’s Friday Five.


  1. It has been so dry and so hot this week. Perhaps that’s not the best way to put it. The humidity has been on the same level as Florida (super uncomfortable) but we have had very little rain. In any case, I am grateful for our air conditioners!
  2. I had to drive 57 miles down to the VA for blood work on Tuesday. And then 57 miles back home. The blood test was important, and the news about my blood levels is great, so it was worth the drive.
  3. It was beautiful that day and I enjoyed the ride. I stopped to pick up groceries at Market Basket. They were having a sale on two of Jack’s favorite soups, and I was able to stock up. At our local store soup has risen to $3.25 a can. That is crazy and unacceptable. Market Basket had this soup for $2.25 a can!
  4. I also got gas. I paid $3.82 a gallon. I was feeling a bit ticked off because after 20 years they have come up with a new traffic pattern. There were no signs directing you either. I drove around and around until I finally figured it out. I did complain and explained that they need a new sign which reads “Gas: New Traffic Pattern“. You see, they are the cheapest place around for gas and they are inundated with customers.
  5. Lastly, a few days ago I took my cell phone out of my purse and the phone screen had a crack! I drove to Verizon and discovered the Screen Protector was two months out of warranty. I called a local Mr. Fix It, who wanted $150.00 to repair it, and then I called the insurance I have through Verizon who offered me a $29.00 repair, (but my phone would be gone for over a week) or a replacement for $150.00. They would ship it to me overnight. That was my choice.  This morning I got an update. My new phone is delayed. Ugh!

So that was my week. It looks like the next few days will be hot, hot, hot, with a side of spot showers.

Enjoy your weekend wherever you are!


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