The Chair & Cleaning


Friday found me getting the family room ready for two new pieces of furniture.

My 30-year-old sofa has never fit in this house. So, Friday’s delivery removed that sofa and Jack’s chair and moved the new smaller loveseat and a nice reclining chair.

I’d been concerned because of all the rain we were having, but somehow we managed to get furniture moved around between the torrential downpours.

I had to do this for several reasons but for the most part, for Lili and me. You see, Jack’s chair still smelled like him. Each day Lili would sniff at it, hoping Daddy would appear. And every day, I woke, looked at his chair, and remembered the day he left us.

It all started in that chair.

So the house looks different in the family room. This morning Lili was calm. It was as if she understood that Daddy wasn’t coming back.

Today I am cleaning out the mud room. Lili chewed the boot bench in her puppyhood, which is terrible. So, I am emptying that and will remove the bench and put a small old desk in there. Then I must start to clear out the kitchen.

Little by little, bit by bit, I’m getting a handle on getting the house in order. One thing I have learned is that Jack was a true packrat!

So off I go now to get to the cleaning. Music, rags, and detergent! So much to do.


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  1. Hi Maribeth…I’m glad you’re doing small things to make life easier and help ease the pain you are walking through. Little steps moving yourself forward. Give yourself lots of grace just now. Take care and know I’m thinking of you xo

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