The Friday Five ~ August 4th

The Friday FiveTime is going on. I am determined to find a new life. Mostly I am doing okay, but sometimes I feel tied to the house as if waiting for Jack to come back or appear in his chair. So as the hours die on Thursday night, here is this week’s Friday Five.

  1. I started my week meeting up with Amanda, Matt, Savi, and Quinn for dinner. It was so wonderful to see everyone and have a relaxed meal.2023-08-01-19-23-34-147

    My grandson Quinn is still in the world of fun and adventurous little boy stuff.


    On the other hand, Savannah has grown so tall and is on the verge of being a full-fledged teenager. Lovely and sweet.

  2. My daily joy is my trips out to the farm. Each day I go and buy fresh corn, Thai Spring rolls, and their homemade bread.20230724_170803

    I eat only when hungry, and my weight has been falling off. It’s a relief only to eat when I feel like it and then only what I like.

  3. I went out on Wednesday and bought two new pieces of furniture. A recliner to replace Jack’s chair and a small love seat to replace my 30+-year-old ginormous sofa. The sofa I have wanted to get rid of for a while, but since Jack’s death, his chair hurts me every single day.
  4. I had my physical on Thursday, and I am mostly okay. Right now, just a few minor things and my hips.
  5. I raced home to take care of the dogs to find Lili’s front ankle to be swollen, and she was limping. Should she still be in the morning, it will be off to the Veterinarians we will go.

So, I wish you, Gentle Reader, a very happy and wonderful weekend!

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2 thoughts on “The Friday Five ~ August 4th”

  1. I have been reading since before Greta’s first litter. I have to say you are truly an inspiration with your positive attitude despite the losses you have had. I pray for your comfort and so glad for you to have your family and the dogs.

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