I once again need to thank my former computer Guru, Brad. You see, after being inundated with horrific SPAM, I finally called to find out what the heck was going on with my ISP.

Well, the company that purchased my Metrocast Internet Provider two years ago, and promised us that nothing would change, decided it was too costly for them to pay for SPAM protection for those of us with Metrocast. We needed to change our service over to them, which required an email change.

So on Saturday, I set things up with the new company to change our email, and to have it forwarded for 6 months while we batten down the hatches.

It was a bit more involved because our email program wouldn’t just allow me to change things. I needed to download the files from our email, back up our address books, and then delete the old email program, and then reinstall it with the new email address. After that, move the files back into the program.

Now, I know how to do it, but my gosh, it was for Jack’s email address and my two, an awful lot of work.

Fortunately (or unfortunately as the case may be) I was suffering from a cold and a sore back. So, being quiet and doing the work on both laptops was probably a good thing.

However, that being said, by the end of Monday I was exhausted. (And also ticked off at our ISP Service for

  1. Not telling us that they were going to stop email SPAM protection,
  2. And also causing a mess, as they said our email would be forwarded to the correct new email addresses, but I am getting ALL of Jack’s email. (And he gets a lot!)

So life is going on and it’s my hope that the worst is over. I still need to call them to fix Jack’s Metrocast email from being forwarded to me.

Please pass the Aspirin!

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  1. I’m going to hire you if I need computer help! Make sure to message me your new address(es).

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