Life on a Cruise Ship

Well here we are on the Ruby Princess. We have settled in our room and unpacked and soon enough we will go down for dinner and then afterward, I think we will walk around the ship so we can see her.
The Ruby Princess is a newer ship and there is much to see. We have had some heavy rain, but that’s okay. It is nice to be in the warmth and the humidity. It has made my hair very curly once again!
At lunch we sat with a former flight attendant and her husband, and a man who is retired from FedEx and his wife. The food was great and luncheon lasted for three hours.
Everyone is so nice. I feel like I am constantly smiling. Our cabin Steward is from Thailand, Changmai in fact, and he is a delight! His name is Annop.
Apparently the dackels would not let Ben sleep last night. I told him to get out the dog crates and then tonight to crate the three dackels and close them in our bedroom. I sure hope this works. Ben sounded very unhappy and frustrated. I hope everything will be okay.
Apparently some people got off the ship in Fort Lauderdale and they have not gotten back. They keep paging them.

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  1. The dogs will be ok, will just take them a few days to settle down. IN the meantime you need to relax!

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