You know how sometimes things work well and you get through all the right lines and make all your flight connections despite the snow/ice storms last week. I saw us standing at the terminal in Boston, holding our bags, while our plane departed without us.

We were lucky. Our flight to Laguardia went smoothly and we connect there with our direct flight to Fort Lauderdale. Now the only glitch was landing in 62 degree rainy, windy weather. I will forgive the weather Gods if they let the sun shine and return the temperatures to 80 degrees.

After we checked in to our hotel we went for a walk. I know, in the rain? But we did. Both of us felt that we needed to stretch those legs and move them around.

Eventually the rain did stop, but the wind was high and of course it is humid, so my hair did it’s usual super curl thing. Not in a pretty way either! Tomorrow I will wash it and use some gel and hopefully get it to behave.

Ah yes. Hubby and I are here. We are happy to be on vacation at last!

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