I’m Here

The Internet is really bad here at sea. So if you do not hear from me, do not worry.

Day 4

Today it was a very quiet day. We arrived in Fort Lauderdale before 7 o’clock this morning. I tried to be quiet but Jack said that after I left he was wide awake.

I stayed at the 24 hour buffet for about an hour (no I did not eat the entire time, I just had tea. and then came back to out room. Jack was up and dressed, and ready to go to breakfast. I always wait for him, so we can eat together.

So once again I worked a little around the cabin. A little paper work, and writing and I decide to keep my feet up. You see last night both of my feet swelled up and once again they look like Shrek Feet.

Day 5

Despite the swollen feet and ankles, I have done a lot of walking and enjoying the beaches! We were back at Princess Cays today and instead of doing a tour, we walked the beach and then found a nice pair of lounge chairs to sit on, with palm trees over head.

What I have not mentioned is that my back went out on Sunday night. If I sit still or lie still I am okay, but if I move wrong, well, it bites me!

This morning I went to see the ships doctor. I am a little leery of flying when my legs and feet are this swollen.

The doctor was very nice and got me some fluid pills, as well as compression stockings. She wanted me to take some valium for the back, but I told her that I don’t like taking that, it really makes me loopy. I will just take Advil and hope for the best.

Lest you think I am being a wimp, I have continued to enjoy our entire trip! The sunshine, the moist heat, and sea breezes! I plan to go into the pool and hot tub tomorrow. The hot tub really feels so good on my back!

Since Monday, the food seems to be better. Breakfast still is my favorite meal, but even last night was very good. I had Prime Rib, with carrots and baked potato. I had Bananas Flambé for dessert tonight. I can’t recall having had it before. I have decided I don’t really care for it.

I also decided that for the second half of the cruise, I’m going to watch what I eat more closely.

We have a sea day tomorrow and then we will be at Grand Turk. I’m looking forward to another sea day. On those days we can sleep in, take life slowly and just enjoy the day.

By the way, as of Wednesday, my feet are much better!

Miss you all,



2 thoughts on “I’m Here”

  1. I just read all your posts about your cruise ! I am jealous ! It all looks so nice ! It’s sad that the food is not so good as it should be ! I hope your feet and back are well again ! Enjoy your holidays !

  2. Before you travel again you should make sure you have some water pills so you can ward off any swelling. Glad it is better. Miss you, but I am happy you have had a vacation. Love YOU, Mel

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