To me, as much as I love to travel, I also love to come home. Especially after a long trip away from my four dogs.

Yes, the dogs are a lot of work. Taking them out for walks, feeding them on schedule, and making sure they get their little cookie bones.

However after 10 days, it was really good to get home and see them all! If a dog can smile, these four sure did!

My only problem upon arriving home was a 103 temperature, and a sore throat. I actually started to feel bad on the airplane, and Jack said I got very quiet. (This is very unusual, as I am a very chatty person.)

This caused me several cold glasses of soda and a very early bedtime.

Now that I am up and about again I will be trying to get together a journal of my trip with some pictures. The first few days on the ship we had pretty good Internet service, then nothing. It was very frustrating.

So stay tuned for more about our trip. It really was a nice one.

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  1. Sad that you got a sore throat and fever on your way back ! But I am sure you trip was good for you, now I am looking forward to see some pictures.
    BTW I got the comment on my blog !

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