It’s Over

Dec. 3
After a sea day yesterday, we got to the Island of Eleuthera at 9 AM on Wednesday morning. We were not sure we would have good weather, but by ten o’clock the sun was out and it was pleasant.
We took the tender (used for shutting us back and forth to the island) and once we were there, we walked around for an hour or so. They were serving a free lunch there, but the last time we visited the island, we didn’t really like the food. So, we hopped back on the tender and went back to the ship.
It was wonderfully empty, and we sat up at the Horizon Court (24 hour buffet) and had a nice lunch.
Both Jack and I feel stuffed from all the food we have eaten, and I think we are ready to go home and get serious about our diets.
After lunch I printed out our boarding passes for our flights home, and once we get to bed tonight, we will need to be up early to catch our plane.
Princess has been great and we will be one of the first passengers off tomorrow. We’ll catch a cab and get to Fort Lauderdale Airport.
I simply cannot believe that our vacation is over. It has been so relaxing for the both of us. Jack’s blood pressure is down to normal. He is feeling good. And frankly, so am I.
Yesterday I went and put a deposit down for a future cruise. I did it so that Jack wouldn’t know and I could surprise him! Then today as we arrived back on the ship, he said “You think we should put a deposit down on a future cruise?” I then admitted I had already done that. We each got a good laugh about that.
Now we dream about our next vacation!

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