I am always thrilled with trying new things, when I am on vacation. Sometimes life is good and I find yet another new thing to enjoy, and set my Weight Watcher diet back.

I have enjoyed a few things, but I will start with breakfast. Since my doctor told me to eat more fiber to battle my high cholesterol, I have started each day with oatmeal. It’s good, and I sprinkle just a teaspoon of brown sugar on it, and I am good to go.

I’ve been enjoying one coffee, and then I switch over to English Breakfast Tea. I tend to drink that or ice tea all day.

Besides the oatmeal, I wanted to be good and just have some whole grain toast. Unfortunately, because they are serving a lot of people, by the time I reached the toast area the toast resemble “Cylon Death Toast. (re: Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon, who loves to make this.) The toast was cold, hard and dry. So, nope, wasn’t going to eat that, instead I have had Stollen. I know, not the best for WW, but certainly something I enjoyed!

Lunch can mean almost anything. Salads are abundant, grilled vegetables, as well as at least two types of grilled meat. They also served tacos, fish, Chinese foods and Indian foods. I’ve been trying to stay away from the fried foods, and eat more vegetables.

Dinners have been interesting. A few new items, like tians (a kind of pate), soups (I tried their wild mushroom soup last night, but didn’t like it. But mostly, I like the things I have eaten. The Prime Rib was the best we’ve ever had. We could literally cut it with a fork. And desserts are good. Each lunch and dinner has a sugar free item and Jack really has appreciated that.

Now, I have a confession to make. A week ago Sally (from the movie, When Harry Met Sally) invaded my body. I suddenly found myself taking a basic item, subtracting all the other components, and replacing them with what I wanted to eat.

Here is an example.

Lamb with mint jelly.
roasted potatoes.
mixed vegetables of the day.

I went on the order.
Lamb with mint jelly.
mashed potatoes.
asparagus with butter and lemon
no gravy

It’s just a quick example. Trust me, our poor waitress knows I ‘like it my way’ and is ready with her pen and pad to take down my order. I sort of started to feel guilty and self conscious, but I like what I like and I don’t see why I must eat a meal that I don’t care for.

Just call me Sally!

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