Getting Ready

Oh brother!

I have gotten our suitcases packed. As well as our carry-ons. My lists for the house/doggy sitters are made, and in the morning I will print our boarding passes, pack the computer and be out the door just after noontime.

Since the cable conversions in the house, I did manage to get on TV working with a VHS player. When you have 600 tapes, it’s a bad thing when you are unable to have your house sitter watch any of them.

Chalk one up for me, I got the blasted thing working, so they can watch any of the old tapes.

Hubby and I were lamenting that we used to have plenty of room when we packed. Now each of us has half our carry-on space taken up with medications.

Well, it’s off to bed for me. I know it is early on Friday night, but my day starts early tomorrow!

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