Is It Just Me?

I’ve always known there was something different about me. I’ve actually never been able to pin it down. This morning, however, I discovered that things just happen to me, more than to some people.

We arrived at the airport well before our flight today in Boston. In fact, there was no one ahead of us in line at the Security Check In. Hubby and I breezed through, answered all the questions correctly, and proceeded to be ‘scanned’. First I forgot my cell phone was clipped to my waist. So back I went to put that with my shoes.

I got back into the scanner, no problem, but when I reached the other side, the luggage clip on my bag had caught up in the rollers of the conveyer belt! I tried to unhook it. The lady controlling the belt kept pushing the button to forward the items.

“Excuse me, Ma’am, my bag is stuck.” So the woman tried to forward the belt again! I called to another TSA Agent, who came running. He took two rollers off and freed my bag. He was so nice.

The ‘Old Bag’ doing the conveyer belt just scowled at me. I kid you not! I swear these things just don’t happen to normal people.

I got my shoes, my back pack and my carry on suit case, and managed to get to the other side.

It is interesting to note that I was the Security Disaster this time, not Hubby, who usually gets stopped for his knees.

We ate a light breakfast and then walked to our gate, which as it always turns out, is at the opposite end of the concourse!

Our flight from Boston was packed! I knew it was going to be, which was why we sprung for tickets. Actually airfare to Florida is pretty cheap right now and it just made sense.

On our descent into New York City, were vectored all around by Air Traffic Control. I was a little annoyed, as it was making us late for our connection, but then, there was The Freedom Tower! The Empire State Building and The Statue of Liberty! We literally flew in a circle around them and enjoyed the spectacular views.

We arrived a little late in New York and several of us were running through the terminal to get to our gate. We all made it, and a lovely flight attendant brought drinks to those of us who looked like we were wilting.

After a few short minutes we took off, and after a rumble and some bumps we were once again in the sky. Both of us feeling pretty hungry and thirsty. Since this is a short flight, there were no meals being served, but you could purchase snack boxes. We picked up one of each. One was a tapas box and one was a ‘treat box’.

We opened the tray table between our seats and spread it all out. A veritable picnic in the air! I laughed and teased Hubby that he takes me to all of the finest dining establishments!

The ride was a bumpy one, and the skies were that cloudy white, but truly, nothing could dampen my spirits!

We arrived quickly at the hotel, changed our clothes, (It’s 82 degrees!) and went shopping for the last minute things we needed. Walking back, we stopped at Taco Bell and got Taco Salads for dinner.

We need to repack our bags, snuggle up with a glass of wine and the TV and get ready for tomorrow!

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  1. have a wonderful time MB!!! I know you will. Enjoy your hubby, the ocean, the sun and all the anomalies that come your way. To me, they are just part of the adventure! Mom and I did a Thanksgiving cruise one year. I got a huge kick out of eating lobster on turkey day.

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