My Bags Are Packed & I’m Ready To Go….

OK, I was a busy bee today. I managed to get two of the three bathrooms done, the vacuuming done and dusting, and I got all the clothes I am taking neatly folded and packed in my suitcase. My backpack is also packed and ready to roll. All I need to toss in are the computer, Kindle and phone.

Friday I plan to iron and fold and pack all of Hubby’s things. Then with will be on to make the Snickerdoodles and wash the last bathroom.

I need to pack the car with the suit cases, apples for Mandy, and housewarming gifts for Mandy and Matt and a special housewarming gift for Savannah!

I have just about finished my instruction letter for the house/doggy sitters, and I need to leave the key for the mailbox as I am expecting a few things to arrive while we are gone.

I have paid all my bills, my taxes and I hope and pray I have thought of everything. I just want to get away and relax!

One thought on “My Bags Are Packed & I’m Ready To Go….”

  1. You are almost there… hope you have a great vacation and wonderful weather. Enjoy every restful moment. Love YOU, Mel

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