This & That ~ October 10th

I think as we grow older, and if we are caregivers ourselves of a loved one, we tend to neglect ourselves. And so it has been for me. Tending to Jack, with his medical problems, keeps me very busy. I simply do not have time to tend to myself.

That being said, going in for my physical was a good thing. The findings made me realize I need to slow down a bit and make myself a priority.

I’ve been delaying going on cholesterol medications, but the new numbers are kind of dreadful, so I’m going to relent this time and start trying to find a medication that works for me, without messing up my other medications. Also, I know I need to get back to my walking, which I sort of gave up when Arnie became so ill.

If I am being really honest I will also stop eating a lot of red meat, and get back to more poultry and fish. Topping it all off with a lot of salads and vegetables. All things I love, but honestly, the last six months I have not been as careful as I should be.

So starting tomorrow morning…Monday…I start back strictly following the WW Green Plan. No more excuses.

And today I may even go for a walk. I will be lonely without my Arnie, but, who knows…one day I might have a new baby to walk with me.


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