It’s Here!

In recent years, I’ve been having trouble vacuuming and washing floors. When I actually break down and do this, my neck gets really sore and I just hang it up for the day.

So, I was watching an infomercial over the holiday weekend when I saw a Bissell machine just for wood floors and tiles. Best of all, if a small dust-bunny of Lili’s hair gets caught up in the machine, this thing is ready and can handle anything.

So, I went to Amazon to check their prices on this machine and it was close to $250.00, and that was just for the machine!

So, I went to Bissell and their machine came with one extra roller bar and one mini container of cleaning fluid.

I really didn’t want to pay $250.00, but I figured that Bissell had the better price. So, I began the process of ordering it online straight from the manufacturer.

My problem was, the site kept kicking me out. It would not allow me to complete the process.

I hemmed and hawed for a few hours and I was “thisclose” to just ordering the machine from Amazon when I got an email from BJ’s Warehouse. Their come on was “Come to BJ’s and check out our prices!

new vac wet dry

So I toddled on my Browser to check out their sales, and what should I find? If you guessed my machine, you would be right! And best of all, it came with 3 mini bottles of cleaner, 3 large bottles of cleaner, 4 beater bars and of course, my machine. It was also on sale for $189.00! Well, that’s just too good to be true!

So I signed into my account and set about ordering the machine. When I reached the check out it asked me if I wanted to use the $10.00 coupon I had earned by using my BJ’s credit card at the Warehouse and their gas stations.

Why, yes, yes I did!

So the grand total was $179.00!

With free shipping!

I was so excited when I hit the order button on Sunday night! And yesterday, at 5:30 PM, UPS arrived with my new machine!

I set about putting it together and storing it for now in the closet. I need to add, the machine was easy to put together and is very lightweight. About 10 pounds.

Perhaps later today I will pull up the rugs in the bathroom and wash the tile floors in there. This will give me an idea of how this works.

If it works the way I hope it will, washing my floors will not be as painful as it has been.

I am so happy!


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