This & That March 24th

Thursday was almost a good day. It started with a meeting up with my good friends. I am so lucky to have these wonderful ladies that I love like sisters.

We joked and laughed and just had a really great time. I came out of that meeting feeling pretty good. Yay!

I had a fun time playing with Heidi, solved Wordle in the nick of time, and enjoyed a nice lunch before heading out to do errands.

I picked up the mail, went grocery shopping, and still had time before my dental appointment to bring it all home and put it away.

I was expecting good news, but what was discovered was a crack in my crown! I need a new one. Yikes!  $500.00!!! At least I did not have cavities!

Well, nothing brings you down like a big break to your piggy bank!


But the absolute bright point in my day is that Mandy and the kids called and after a bleak afternoon, I felt very loved and cared for! I am hoping to see them at the end of the month.


Happy Thursday everyone!

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