This & That February 2nd

Tuesday started early with Heidi and Lili. It was -3 degrees, while I was outside with the two of them so they could commune with nature.

20220201_123300Hiding her eyes from the bright sunshine using a toy!

I came in and started the coffee, as I was quite literally frozen to the bone!

I decided that when Heidi showed high energy levels to dress us up and go for a walk. And so I did. Several times!

We walked around the house, up the driveway, and then she learned how to not only go up the cement steps but also go down.

She did perfectly fine both going up and going down. As I’ve mentioned the steps were built for our dachshunds. And oddly, Heidi seemed to know just what to do with them, as if she had been on them before.

Her training is going very well. She will come when I call her, even if she is doing something she shouldn’t. She will sit and down on command, and I am trying to teach her to stay. But that is hard for a little baby girl.

I can hardly wait for Thursday when she goes in for her next shots. She will be 15 weeks old, and I am very curious about her weight. I was watching her today and she really has grown.

We have the Pond Hockey Tournament this weekend, and the town is already getting full. It’s an enjoyable time here, but we are now expecting another storm! Thursday Night into Friday. I sure hope it misses us.

Lastly, all this walking up and down the driveway, through snowdrifts, and around the outside of the house is certainly getting exercise for me as well as my little Heidi. (Lili too!) I know Heidi gets tired now at night, and so do I.


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  1. I’m impressed that Heidi learned how to go both up AND down the stairs so quickly. I have memories of puppies going up a few stairs to strangers’ front doors on our walks, but then just standing there crying because they were scared to go down. She’s not only cute, but smart, too.

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