This & That ~ April 14th

This is sort of a catch-up post as a lot has been happening, which has kept me from sitting down to write this out. But, here goes…

    • Lili’s left ankle is still a problem. There were two incidents today that exacerbated the injury, and she is once again limping about.

      2022-04-01_11-07-45Limping Lili.

      I still have the anti-inflammatory so she took a dose with dinner tonight, and I will go back to walking her only on a leash. My poor big girl.

    • On Wednesday I had a meet-up with my girlfriends. They’d been dying to meet my little love-puppy, and since it wasn’t raining, was not too cold, off we went to the meet-up.

2022-04-13_07-31-03On our way to the meeting.

    • To say that my little gang of ladies fell hard for Heidi would be an understatement! She was at her very best and flirted with each and every one of the girls!
    • Heidi is an amazing doggy. She will be 6 months old next week and yet she is already well behaved. Heidi can sit, down, roll to the side for belly rubs and sit at my feet. Next on my list is to teach her to shake paws.
    • On my way home I stopped and saw a friend at the Shipping Store. She was Arnie’s girlfriend. (And I even brought Arnie to see her before I took him for his last ride.) She is totally smitten with our new little Miss.

2022-04-13_07-31-59My darling!

  • The general consensus is that the world needs more baby puppies like Heidi.
  • Did I mention that Heidi got into some gross stuff the other day? She hates baths. So, since I needed a shower too, I readied the bathroom and brought her in with me. It turns out that she actually liked the nice warm shower with Mommy! This is good to know

2022-03-14_05-57-45Happy Thursday!

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