This & That September 8th

Look Ma, no cavities!

Yesterday found me at the dentist for my every six-month cleaning. Things went very well, and I was actually praised for my nice clean teeth. (I try. I really do!) And no cavities!

Then I was fit for a new mouthguard. Covid nerves were tough on my old mouthguard and I actually bit through it! So they put this gluey gunk on a plate and shoved it in my mouth for several minutes. I felt like I might gag, but lived to tell the story. The new mouthguard will be ready on Thursday. Yay!

Arnie is doing better. Right now I think we have his meds just right and he seems comfortable.

I am hoping to go to my daughter’s this weekend to see the family. It’s been far too long. I will have everything arranged so that Jack can handle the noontime meal and cranberry pill for Arnie. I plan to be back in time for their dinner.

I have been enjoying the US Open Tennis matches. I love seeing the young players coming up. I will miss some of the old-timers, but at least I know we will have some real quality players to watch over time.

And lastly, did you see where the members of ABBA have gotten together to make a new album of songs as well as a video game type of thing showing them singing in their youthful bodies? I sure would like it if I could do that!

Here is a peak!


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