The Friday Five ~ September 10th

The Friday FiveThe week seemed to fly by for me. Not that I was scheduled for much, it just seemed to bring with it a few more things that were unplanned. Still, in the end, all was good! So, here goes.

  1. I not only got a clean bill of health for my teeth, but I also ordered and received a new dental bite guard. The last one I managed to chew through with anxiety during the Covid Pandemic.
  2. I’m still doing well back on my WW Healthy living plan. Slow and steady wins the race.
  3. I was waiting for a package to be delivered from an Amazon Dealer, and it showed it had been delivered. But no. It was not. I checked the end of our driveway, I called neighbors, and nothing. I called FedEx (the worst of our delivery companies) and they looked into the driver’s computer and it looks like he delivered my package to the wrong address. Of course, privacy issues prohibited them from disclosing what address they’d delivered it to. I got a case number, and they promised to call me on Thursday (this never happened). So today I sent a challenge to my bank to delete the purchase as I did not get the order at all. Done and done. I wonder, will I ever see my package? Who actually has my package? Questions, questions, and more questions!
  4. The US Open Tennis is nearly done. I really have enjoyed this year’s matches as many new and exciting young people are playing and doing so very well. Many of my favorite players are in their late 30s and even one who just turned 40. I wasn’t sure we had a good group of kids coming up. Luckily, we do!
  5. Because I cannot stand it, I will briefly mention my disgust with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. OMG! I have never heard two people who have so much, complain and play the victim card the way they do. They could have actually done so much good in the world, but instead, they are blackmailing Harry’s 95-year-old grandmother, and say hateful things about everyone. Meghan told people way back when that she wanted to be the most famous woman in the world. Well Meghan my dear, you are right up there with Lizzie Borden. Being hateful and unkind is a character flaw that you seem to have an abundance of. And gosh darn-it Harry, I guess you are making sure that everyone and anyone who hurt your mother gets paid back ten-fold. But here is the deal. You have actually disrespected your mother by all you have done. Diana made great sacrifices in her own life for you and your brother. I believe she would be ashamed. As many of us are.

This is just my own opinion here. And all I can say is that I hope in some way that Harry and Meghan are held accountable for all the harm they have done to Queen Elizabeth.

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4 thoughts on “The Friday Five ~ September 10th”

  1. Harry and the Sparkle Markle haven’t been in the news here, so I am not sure what prompted your remark. I don’t think people here think much of them, or really about them. I’ve no idea of what they are now doing.

  2. I’ve heard Harry make some disparaging remarks about other family members, but I haven’t heard him say anything derogatory about the Queen. I know his relationship with his bother is tense. But then, I don’t follow the royals that closely. What exactly did he say?

  3. I kind of think that, with everything else in the celebrity world, we really have no idea about what really goes on in peoples lives. It’s hard enough for me to keep track of my own life sometimes.I wouldn’t want to be born in that spotlight.

  4. My life has changed I try my best to ne positive but It’s ont so easy. R is quite happy and uses nos that we live apart. I visit him of course and wash bis personnal laundry but having à conversation is difficult somtimes.This weekend Ratio and Toby visite d him and he even agréed to come to visite Rosie That’s how he calls our home ! Hé stays max. 2 h and Then he wants to go home !

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