My Rant on a Monday

I wonder at times when people stopped being nice? I know many warm and wonderful and gracious people, and then I know many who are just plain bullies.

Recently an old friend of my husband’s wrote to me and basically bullying me. This person is an anti-vaxer and they wanted to come to my home here in New Hampshire to visit with their old friend. I replied in what I hope was a nice way that we do not allow anyone in our home who is not vaccinated.

I tried to explain that in the last two years I have had my hands full with an aging husband, sick dogs, (the loss of one, Anneliese) and that I fear that if they came, and brought Covid to my home it might cause a fatal illness for Jack.

Jack is their dear friend, yet after I presented this to them, I received a letter telling me I should be more selfish and do things for myself. It’s a nice thought, but when you are the head of your household the things you do for your family are important, you cannot afford to be sick. They also said that they believe that the vaccine alters your DNA and ruins your health. And lastly, they presented their facts that the Covid Deaths are simply people dying from other illnesses and that it is all called Covid to scare the masses.

Back in November of 2019, I became very ill. My symptoms were such that my Primary Care Doctor and I believe I had an early case of Covid. I was so ill with high fevers, a cough that was so strong I would throw up, and an inability to breathe. I was using an inhaler every 2 hours and little pearl-type pills for the cough that ravaged my body.

I shut myself away from Jack. He did not come into the bedroom for anything and would leave me bottles of ginger ale.

I do not want that for Jack. I also do not want to get the new variant virus either. It is a terrible illness.

And then this person, who is telling me that I don’t do enough for myself tells me they have hired a new housekeeper/cook/and gardener. Well people, it must be nice. I would love to sit and read and simply direct the things that go on in my life. But that is not real. That is not the life for 99.99% of those of us that are alive.

I cook every single meal. I do every single load of washing. I shop for our groceries and I have been the sole caregiver to our animals.

I occasionally escape for a few hours to my daughter’s home to see my grandchildren, but then race home to take care of everything here.

Sometimes I get tired. The kind of tiredness that no amount of sleep will cure. No, no one is taking care of me, except me.

Meanwhile, there are other people in life who have allowed the Covid Virus and the Vaccine to come between them and me.

And they do it with an in-your-face type of anger, that shows no concern that my ideas and beliefs may be different.

When did we become a group of intolerant bullies? When did people stop being nice?

I was partially raised by my Grandmother. She is the one who called me on my unacceptable behavior.

For instance, when I came down the stairs in cut-off jeans and a t-shirt to go to church. She admonished me and sent me back upstairs saying, “Do you really want to meet God looking like that?”.

I would rather have died than bully my grandmother or even say a curse word around her. She taught me manners. She taught me to be nice and above all, she taught me to be kind.

I am now taking a big deep breath!

Be Nice! Be Kind! You never know when you might be in a situation where you will need the kindness and love and compassion of others.


7 thoughts on “My Rant on a Monday”

  1. You were absolutely correct and within your rights to deny this person entrance to your home. If he is such a good friend to Jack, he would understand and perhaps stop by for an outdoor visit. As for the rest, unless he walks in your shoes, he has no right to judge. The problem is his, not yours. Carry on in peace! XOXO

  2. Maribeth, you are one of the kindest and most thoughtful people I know. Keep doing the right thing for your family, no one should disrespect you and speak to you like that. Xoxox. M

  3. I am with you 100%.

    A friend of mine posted on Facebook, seeking a skilled workman to do some repairs in her home, and she requested that the workman be vaccinated. She was badly abused by a (now former) friend who called her a Nazi.

    Yes, he called a Jewish woman a Nazi for trying to avoid COVID.

    Keep in mind, my friend lives on Long Island, where we experienced the worst of this pandemic before the vaccine came along.

    Some friend you’ve got there …

  4. It’s not that your ideas and beliefs are different. It is that you are right and and they are wrong as far as Covid goes, and the time to to tell such people about the error of their beliefs is coming closer, hopefully before they contract Covid and die.

  5. It’s a pity that this “so-called” friend didn’t respect your concern (for Jack and yourself) and tried to make you feel bad. It’s been hard to watch people be so rude when we’re all just trying our best to do the right thing in these trying times.

  6. I long for the days where it was considered completely inappropriate to delve into someone else’s healthcare choices. Everyone has an opinion about everything and a pressing need to share it. Ugh. Stay well!

  7. I thinks your better leave these people where they are I am in a similar situation and cannot travel either. Meanwhile I am 78 fortunately in good health but I don’t have The same strength as before. Two or my very Good friends (!!) met me down without any explanation. It hurt but I mécènes something. They were no real friends.

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