This & That August 24th

The last few days I have scored big with my dinner meals. Since the Pandemic began, I have done more day in and day out cooking than I ever have. We have been out to a restaurant exactly twice during this time. So I’d started cooking the same stuff over and over again, as well as just throwing together casseroles, which have not been well received.

All that being said, my meatloaf was fabulous, and my baby-back ribs, lip-smacking good! I made parmesan-crusted turkey cutlets (totally to die for!) and made Jack a London broil tonight. All in all, the meals I have served this week have been pretty darn good.

My trick is to plan the night before what I will make and then do all the prep work in the early afternoon. I am one of those people that has a sinking spell about four o’clock and then I don’t want to do anything to make dinner.

It’s like the girl scouts taught me, “Always Be Prepared”!

My new Amazon Fire-Stick arrived today and I installed it. It’s sort of a funny story.  I’d gotten the new Router about six weeks ago. I had good reception in my bedroom after I’d hooked it up. Then one day…it just stopped working. After troubleshooting with Amazon, we decided that the stick was done. So I ordered a new one, and installed it today, and WOW! Great streaming once again.


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