Kicking Back

Saturday found me kicking back a little. My eye feels pretty good, and I have only used the artificial tears a few times. And best of all, my vision is completely clear at this point! Yay!

My other health problem is not responding as quickly and I really have not felt too well. I think that this is what has contributed to my feeling like I want to be quiet. I’ve watched a few movies, a documentary on ABBA, and read a few chapters in my book.

And lucky for Jack, I found some beautiful baby back ribs this week, and so I am making my specialty. “Maribeth’s Perfect Ribs”. It’s a favorite of Jacks and we have not had them for so long because they simply have not had any good ones in the market.

Now we await the arrival of Hurricane Henri. I’m hoping it will be nothing more than some wind and rain by the time it reaches us. Time will tell.


3 thoughts on “Kicking Back”

  1. HH should mostly blow out by the time it reaches you. I hope so. I heard in a YT video today that NH has the best maintained public infrastructure in the US. I would guess you pay your taxes and receive a high standard.

  2. Sitting here on Long Island, and Henri has arrived. It’s a tropical storm now, not a hurricane. Wind and rain and storm surge are happening, but not too bad.

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