Escape Completely…That’s What The Commercial Says!

A week from today we leave on a much needed vacation. Things with Lili have calmed down, the cold weather is creeping in, and my old bones ache!

I am relieved that Lili is doing better. It will make things so much easier for our house sitters. I am so glad I found people who will actually move in and care for the animals for us. This way Lili and the dackels don’t have to be alone.

I have acquired a sinus infection, and I am taking Cipro and decongestants and nasal spray that my doctor gave me. I simply must be 100% by next week.

Funny thing is, I have no fever right now, after three doses of the antibiotics and I am actually starting to feel better. Fingers crossed!

The packing has actually begun. I have a laundry basket that I have been tossing things into and soon I will drag out our cases and start to organize them. This time I will not over pack!

I will be putting up links next week so you can follow the ship we will be on. They have a bridge camera, so you can see what the weather is like for our trip!


We will be on The Royal Princess!

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