And Away We Go!

We boarded Royal Princess about 12:45 Monday afternoon. It was absolutely mobbed going through security, but once inside, we checked our two bottles of wine (OK to bring two but no more), and then almost immediately we were in a short line to get our card keys and board the ship.
Our Cabin is beautiful! It is golden in color, with marble table tops. The balcony is a bit small, but really nice none the less.
We went over to Horizon Court, the 24 hour a day Buffet and had lunch. They had grilled eggplant, onions and peppers! Oh my goodness, it was delicious!
We watched as the ship set off, and it was so neat as Caribbean Princess left just before us, so we watched her rather closely ahead.
I was complete unpacked by 3 PM, and the room is all set up to be comfortable during our stay.
The ocean is calm, nary a rock or roll and I am feeling good. I did put on my seas sickness patch, just to be sure I would be well.


We went to the dining room for dinner. Our table mates never showed, which would have been okay except that we were in a far corner, where we literally froze! We finally asked if they has an extra cooks jacket to place over our shoulders, but honestly, we are both still a bit frozen.
However, the meal was fabulous! Prime Rib, rare, baked potatoes, and Caesar Salad. I had a small square of brie for dessert.
They have great bands that are playing up on deck, and I found myself dancing a bit when we got underway. As we left the harbor in Ft. Lauderdale, the Captain played a little tune on the ships horn. It was so cool!
Tonight both Jack and I feel tired. The last two days was exhausting as we raced from there to here, but now we are settled, time to kick back and relax!

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