The Weekend Wrap ~ October 12

50420024002_b7a2f5b842_3kThe weekend was a fairly good one. Since I’d gotten almost everything done on Thursday and Friday, there was not a rush to do laundry or to cook too many meals.

This turned out to be great luck, as on Sunday I really needed my rest my sore foot.

Jack and I are not watching the news right now. So, instead, we watch movies, series TV such as “Air Disasters” on Smithsonian, as well as countless hours of “Chicago PD“, “Blue Bloods“, “Law & Order SVU” and “NCIS“. Truth be told, I spend a lot of time with my headphones on, listening to podcasts and music and basically checking out.

It’s strange, but when I watch TV I see people hugging each other, sitting closely or kissing, and I wonder what planet they are on.

Yes, it’s pretty isolating right now. And with New Hampshire’s numbers of Covid-19 cases climbing, it makes me feel pretty uncomfortable to just go out. I will be even more careful, as I think this will get worse before it gets better.

So, Happy Monday everyone. Here in the USA, enjoy “Columbus Day”, and everywhere else, I hope your day is a really good one!

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I find it extremely amusing that once you are over 50, Mother Nature often tosses you curve-balls just to see if you are awake and knows who is boss!

It is so with my body today. Ugh!

I woke at 1:00 this morning, sat up on the side of my bed, and like I do every night stepped off to go to the bathroom. When my left foot hit the floor and held weight, pain shot through me, and I fell.


We have nice cushy carpeting, so my fall did not injure anything but my pride, but as I sat there on the floor I realized that my Plantar Fasciitis was back in full force in my left foot!

I got up, and finished my trip, and returned to bed. As I lay there I tried to rub my foot and release the pain, but no. I’m afraid it’s going to be around for a while. For those of you who have had Plantar Fasciitis, you will know immediately the pain one can get!

In the real normal world that we once lived in, I would have called my Podiatrist and gone in and have him wrap it with sports tape and designed a game plan for lessening the pain.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the real world anymore. Due to the Covid, I would need a referral from my Primary Care doctor, and then who knows how long it would take to get in? I may call her on Tuesday and see what she can do for me.

As I said before, dealing with an illness or injury during the dastardly Covid, is not easy at all.

This morning the foot is no better and after my shower, I got out my shoes with my orthotics and I am wearing those, but limping pretty badly.

Ah yes, getting older is not for sissies!

Maribeth Dackel

Life In My Sixties

In just over a month I will celebrate my sixty-second birthday! I’m thrilled to death. Many people I know have long since stopped counting birthdays and groan when their day arrives. Not me! Here is why.


I never felt good in my skin. I was so insecure. I didn’t really know myself and my reality is that I married far too young, finding my only value as a wife and a mom. But let’s face it. Getting married at 17 is a crazy thing, and I had no business doing that. The divorce broke me and the entire thing was just plain bad. I’m fortunate to have mended fences with my former husband, who I now count as one of my friends.

Feeling I had no self-worth after the divorce, I married my friend. I was the Captain’s Wife and tried to find my value and self-worth there. I’ve been the Captain’s Wife now for 33 years. But over the last ten years, I have discovered something really amazing.

I am truly a unique and loving woman of great value and it is not tied to anyone but myself.


You see, I learned that I needed to develop my own personality, I needed to grow and find my own way in this world, and as I approach the age of 62, I can look at that woman in the mirror each morning and smile.

Oh, I am not perfect, and I still have a ton of flaws, but you know, I have learned to love with my whole heart and after a lifetime of not listening, I have closed my mouth and opened my eyes and ears.

I also have discovered what having friends is all about. I was not always the best of friends with people. I tried, but seeing as I felt little self-worth, I did not feel I had much to offer.

When WW dispanded up here, the back row crew just couldn’t survive without each other. There are twelve of us, who meet each week, and we sit socially distanced in a parking lot, and go over the important things in our lives and in our weight-loss goals. It’s getting cold, but we are still meeting!

When I arrived last Wednesday, I looked at these beautiful women and I said, “You know ladies, I just love US!” And I really do.

It’s my hope that in the years I have left on this earth, that I will be able to love, share, and offer a shoulder to those who need it.

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The Friday Five October, 9th

The Friday FiveWell folks, the first week in October has flown by! I cannot believe how quickly time is going right now. In the early days of the Covid Virus, time seemed to almost standstill as we all stressed and tried to hold it together until we knew more about the virus. Now, here we are several months down the road, and we know if we are diligent we can avoid getting sick. Okay, enough of that. Here are this week’s Friday Five.

This week I decided to make the most out of each day and although I wasn’t Wonder Woman in my accomplishments, I did get some things done and I feel good about that. Some weeks are better than others.

2. At our Ladies Group Meeting (In a parking Lot in Lawn chairs with blankets as it is getting cold!) one of our gals made us all table runners! Oh, my goodness, they are all beautiful!


R is so talented and each runner looked professionally made. I am thrilled with mine! Isn’t it beautiful?

3. I made the absolute best standing rib roast beef this week! The recipe is easy and the roast was fabulous for two meals and I think I have more meal of it for Jack. Score one for me!

4. Of course, I also had a cooking fail, trying to make Apple Crisp, low-fat, lo-cal. It was a total failure. Back to the drawing board!

5. And for #5 I will leave you with this beautiful thought. Happy Weekend Everyone!


TBT: Queen of the Ball

Long ago and far away, in a place called Massachusetts, I was growing up.  At the time I belonged to The Rainbow Girls, and although I never did as well as my sister did in the organization (she went all through the chairs and became Worthy Advisor), I did hold several offices, and I sang. Yes, yours truly, who is quite nervous about singing in front of people actually used to sing for large groups at our local organization as well as get loaned out to other chapters.

The year I was 15, I was the only girl going to the Rainbow Ball in Boston from our Chapter in Falmouth. Thus I was entered into the Pageant to see who would be crowned Queen of the Ball.

When I arrived, I was given an entry number of 13. Yup, 13. I remember thinking that I sure was sunk now, as 13 was an unlucky number.

My date that night was my ex-husband, and as we danced he joke about it a little, trying to get me to relax. I did and I recall there being a lot of fun and laughter that night.

My sister had attended this Ball in the past but had not won. So, I knew that I didn’t stand a chance. Melodie is delicate and beautiful and everything a fairy princess should be. At 15 I was awkward and big-boned and totally unsure of myself!

The evening wore on and I danced in the beautiful yellow gown that my mother had made for me, and I talked to my date and laughed and had a great time.

After all, I wasn’t going to win!

Eventually, we were all called to line up with our dates and promenade around the dance floor. A person would come up and tap your card and you would go to sit down.

Well, we walked and walked and walked, and other girls were removed from the line-up. Then there were probably three of us left. They called the second runner-up, then the first runner-up, and then that left me!

I was escorted by my date to the dais where I was crowned the 1973 Queen of the Rainbow Girls Ball!


Looking back I still cannot believe that I won. My escort always claimed it was because he was my date that night.

Whatever the case, it was the first time in my young life that I truly felt pretty.

And for one night I truly was, Queen of the Ball, just like Cinderella!

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The Wednesday Hodgepodge

Since I have not done a Wednesday Hodgepodge in a while, I thought I might join in this week! Here we go!

1. What’s one part of your everyday routine you’d be better off without? 

I wish I did not have to make two breakfasts. I am an early riser, and Jack often sleeps in until well after ten o’clock. So I make my meal at 7:30-8:00 AM and then his late morning!

2. October 5th is/was National Do Something Nice Day. So what did you/will you do? 

Well, I made a nice dinner for the two of us. I had some Turkey Cutlets and made Jack fries in the Air Fryer.

3. What question do you hate to answer

How many children do you have? It’s always tough. Do I tell a complete stranger about Katie or simply omit it until I know them more? I used to tell everyone two, but now I say one and two fabulous grandchildren. If I get to know that person better down the road I will tell them about Katie.

4. Do we have control over technology or does it have control over us? In that same vein, have you watched The Social Dilemma (available on Netflix), and if so what did you think? 

I do not have Netflix and actually, I probably won’t. Happy with all the TV stuff I have.

That being said, I do think that technology is taking over. I force myself to learn all the new programs simply to keep up.

5. What are three small things that make your day better? 

Arnie, Anneliese, and Lili. Every moment of every day. I am grateful for my furry friends and their unconditional love!

Dog Days of Summer

6. Insert your own random thought here.

As Autumn comes to us, I truly wonder what it will bring. I hope people are getting their flu shot, to help in preventing a Regular Flu Pandemic. I also worry that if someone gets a normal case of the flu and then contracted Covid they’d be a goner. I guess all I can do is take care of myself and hope for the best in the world.

I wish you all a good week with a lot of sunshine!

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What Could Have Been…

Last night I had written a post about my computer woes and how I have learned to fix them over time. Ah, the words flowed from my fingers onto the keyboard, as I composed sheer poetry! Never have I explained a situation with mere words in such an expressive manner.

I knew I would surely win the Pulitzer Prize for Blogging, so I asked Jack who is an English Language/Grammer enthusiast, to go over this masterpiece and correct it for me, before I posted it, and likewise to send a copy to Columbia University for Pulitzer consideration.

I went into the kitchen to start dinner and he sat down with a glass of wine to begin the task at hand.

Then I heard it! Those fateful words. “The post has disappeared!” I ran to the computer, took it from his hands, and I looked. Gone! Gone! All my hopes of International fame and fortune! Gone!

Jack apologized over and over, but I knew in my heart that life would never be the same.

When I die now, my obituary will read…” and she would have won a Pulitzer Prize for Blogging, but her husband accidentally deleted the post”.

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The Weekend Wrap October, 5th

weekend wrap 1Now that I am back home, I can write about my visit with Mandy, Matt, and the kids and my trip home. It was all pretty interesting, so here we go!

120136703_10224178630755175_1687620010511326482_nAfter getting my prescription I headed to Mandy and Matt’s house. The kids were so thrilled to see me and to introduce me to their new puppy, American Eskimo Puppy, Winter.

20201002_184010I will say that Winter is one of the sweetest puppies ever and of course, I am already crazy about her

20201002_151805Naturally, since she is not quite 12 weeks, we spent a lot of time taking her outside to learn how to do her business there, before coming back in for more love and cuddles.

20201002_153404I offered to watch everyone so Mandy and Matt could go on a date. Restaurants here are allowed to serve outside and with social distancing. I think it was their first date night since February.


I also was able to ask Matt some questions about my Amazon Echo. I was not getting the coverage from my Wifi with it and I wasn’t sure what was going on. Matt had some good suggestions.

So while their parents were out, we watched Frozen 2, which I had not seen, and I made dinner for them.


I also brought with me Mickey Mouse Ice Cream, like they have at the Theme Parks and they both enjoyed that!

Savi and I talked and played word games and Quinn got into my lap and cuddled quite a bit.  It felt wonderful!

Soon, I crawled into bed with them both and fell asleep almost instantly. There is no better feeling than snuggling with your grandbabies!

The next morning, Mandy made an awesome breakfast and we sat talking for a long time. She is such an amazing woman and I am so proud of her.

Before I knew it, I needed to start my journey home. I needed to stop at the grocery store closer to my home to stock up on food and drinks.

The trip from Mandy’s house usually takes me 45 – 50 minutes, at the most to a good grocery store called Market Basket. But as I got onto the highway, I drove less than two miles and came to a dead stop! Seems there were many people from Massachusetts coming up here to New Hampshire to go Leaf Peeping. The trip took me two hours and fifteen minutes! I don’t think I drove over 15-25 miles per hour the entire way. It was grim!

While shopping I discovered that two of my favorite items are back in! Koru Apples from New Zealand and a cold cut called Cranberry and Sage Turkey Breast! I also got a Roast Beef, which I am currently cooking.

Soon I was home and Jack helped me carry up the sacks of food, and I got everything put away. I was feeling pretty tired by then and so I had picked up a frozen stir fry meal, which I cooked at the appropriate time. It was just okay.

Soon I collected Arnie and went to bed. I was still having trouble with the Echo Show. It was not connecting to the Wifi. I was simply too tired to care and I fell asleep.

Today (Sunday) I woke up and noticed the Echo was sending me messages. So I stopped what I was doing and sat there and entered my Wifi password and then my Amazon password and now it is working fine! I swear to God that if I sleep on a problem with a computer or it’s peripheral, the next day it fixes itself!

51IkGSS+1sL._AC_UL600_SR450,600_So, the weekend was a very interesting one, and despite the traffic jam yesterday, I have been able to kick back and relax and work toward recovery from my UTI.

Here is hoping the week ahead will be calm and relaxing. Something I think we all need during this time of Covid.


Being Sick In The Time Of Covid


Summer has completely disappeared now and our temperatures have dropped to the thirties at night and fifties during the day. When I woke on Sunday morning it was a chilly sixty-two degrees in the house. As much as I hated to, I turned on the heat until I brought the temperature up to 69. Then I shut it down. The sun is up and shining on our house, and it will sustain the temperature for the rest of the day.

On Friday I woke feeling sick. I had a slight fever, but I knew I had a UTI. I called my doctor. I needed a urinalysis and antibiotics. I was not sick with the Covid, it was a lady problem, UTI and I mean, come on. I needed some simple doctoring!

Well at the Women’s Clinic I go to they would not see me because I was sick, and I had run a slight fever of 99.6! I needed to find an Urgent Care Center and go there, lest I bring the Covid to the Women’s Center!

My feeling is this. I was sick with what I knew to be a Women’s issue and needed some simple care. Sending me to an Urgent Care Center was almost more dangerous as they do see Covid Patients there!

I was perplexed. What do I do? In the end, I decided I had no choice. I selected an Urgent Care in an area with no new cases of the Virus. I wore a mask, used hand sanitizer, and prayed a whole lot!

I tinkled in the cup and then waited to see the Nurse Practitioner. Sure enough, I have a raging UTI, which required antibiotics and a drug to coat the urinary tract and help with the pain.

I asked if they’d had any positive Covid patients recently and he told me the last one had been over two months ago. I felt slightly better. However, when I got to my car I washed down with disinfectant wipes and changed my shirt.

After finishing up there, I drove to the Pharmacy in my daughter’s town, as I was on my way to see them. Their Pharmacy was a nightmare and I am glad I live in a small town.

Tomorrow I will write about my visit with the kids and my new grand-dog, Winter!


The Friday Five

The Friday FiveWelcome to October, Ladies, and Gentlemen! Here we are in the rather beautiful month of October, just eighty-four days from Christmas! Now that we are well into Covid, the year is going by rather quickly. So, here is this week’s Friday Five.

  1. Since WW (formerly Weight Watchers) has abandoned us up here in the wilds of New Hampshire, there were friends of mine from class who decided that we needed each other. We needed that support. What we have learned is that WW actually doesn’t get it anymore. Covid or not, they have let each and every one of us down.
  2. So, I went to my Ladies meeting today and I have to tell you, meeting outside, socially distanced with each other, talking about our wins and losses with the scale have helped us so much. Our little group is about more than just the scale and I feel so blessed to have these twelve women in my life.
  3. Tomorrow I am going to see my grandchildren. We are all Socially Distancing and keeping a very small bubble.120136703_10224178630755175_1687620010511326482_nI will be meeting my new grand-dog, Winter Molly, and of course seeing my wonderful first grand-dog, Freya.
  4. So my little  Echo Show 5 arrived and I set it up. It is wonderful! The clock part is just what I wanted. Now I know it will take me a while until I figure it all out, but so far, so good!
  5. Well, my Steak Fajitas came out okay. Really, it would have been better if we could have grilled the steak, but it was fine. I think I actually enjoyed the Chicken Fajitas more.

So that’s this week’s list. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are!

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