The Friday Five ~ Happy Birthday, Heidi

Happy Birthday HeidiYou will not believe this, but Heidi will turn two years old on Saturday! The time has flown, and I can honestly say that Lili and I wouldn’t have made it without Heidi to brighten our world.

  1. So Happy Birthday to my sweet girl, Heidi, and Maisie, one of her litter mates,  and thank you to her Mommy, Luna, and Daddy Ralph!
  2. As I mentioned earlier, I finally got my health insurance fixed, and now I need to find a new Primary-care Nurse Practitioner, as my time getting my healthcare at the VA ends.
  3. I am also planning another clearing of the house. I ordered the dumpster, and now I am looking for several strong, youthful people to get the boxes out of the attic.
  4. This morning, I woke up with a sore throat. Oh, how I’m not too fond of that.  I’m drinking like crazy, and hopefully, it will be a 24-hour sore throat.
  5. Ah, two years old. I can still remember when my breeder sent me a picture of a pup that would be my Heidi.

Screenshot_20211210-180126_Vacation CountdownBaby Heidi.

The Weekend Wrap ~ October 17th

On Sunday night, I made up a list of the things I needed to accomplish on Monday. This list filled me with dread, but I knew I had to finish it. I am happy to report that I got most of this done, with just a few things left.

Back in August, I noticed that although Jack was no longer with us, we were getting charged for him. I called and thought I’d fixed the problem, but today, October 16th, I finally resolved the problem. I will not blame our insurance carrier. What I blame is the fact that Jack’s death occurred just a few months before my 65th birthday, thus throwing me into a totally different category for my insurance. I went from a family policy to a senior policy.

My second stop of the day was my plumber’s office to drop off a check. Call me if anyone in my area needs a good, hard-working plumber.

I have a few other things on my list but those were the top ones.  I hope this week will continue to be a good and productive one.


The Friday Five ~ October 13th

The Friday FiveLife is crazy right now, so I will jump in and write the five.

  1. The health insurance drama goes on. They took payments directly from my bank and applied them to the couple’s account. Without telling me, they set up a widows account. So the widow’s account is in the red while the couple’s account is in the green. I have been trying to resolve this since August, but nothing is happening. I will engage a lawyer if I cannot resolve this on Monday.
  2. I had a problem with the sewer system and had to call my plumber. He worked so hard, and looks like everything is okay now.
  3. Things are very quiet here. I invited another widow lady to breakfast. They both were close to Jack’s age, and her husband passed away before Jack. It was a nice breakfast.
  4. The air conditioners are out for the winter. Once the heat goes on, the air conditioners come out.
  5. I will admit that I am very lonely. My grief overwhelms me at times. Not wishing Jack was still here. He was so ill, so that had to be. But I’m alone, and although I am trying very hard to fill my days, there are days I am not too successful.

Ah well, another week gone by.


The Friday Five ~ October 6th

The Friday FiveTime is going by so quickly. Some days I look around and feel like it has been just the other day since Jack died. And then it feels like a long time since my life fell into a routine.

  1. Thursday morning I went to the local diner and had breakfast. As I sat watching other diners a couple came in. They sat down and ordered. Once their food arrived the wife kept eating off her husbands plate. He just smiled and you could tell that these fun meal times happened between the two of them often.
  2. My sister is home from her vacation to the UK. They started in London and then drove all around, including Scotland before taking a ferry to Belfast. They were gone for two weeks. So glad they are back, safe and sound.
  3. We have a local country fair this weekend. Saturday rain is forecast, Sunday not so good, but Monday!!! My cousin is come up with her husband. I love these types of homemade village fairs. Best Jams and Jellies, Best Pies, and 4-H. So much fun!
  4. Tomorrow I have a goal. To get all the paperwork on my kitchen table sorted and filed.
  5. Lili seems a tad calmer on the Prozac for pups. And Heidi is also doing better on her meds.



I wish I could report that all was settled and well. However, I think it will be a while until life as usual. Goodness, where do I start?

Over the weekend, the hair around Heidi’s right eye fell away, and she was itching and scratching like crazy. I sent the Vets a picture and called them on Monday.


She also had a spot on her little doggy lips. Allergy. She was presented with a cone of shame, but after she stopped scratching, I put the donut on her.

Notice was given that porky pig Heidi, weighing in at 30 pounds, must go on a diet!

While at the Vets, I talked about Lili. Recently, she came close to knocking me down the stairs, and a few nights back, she actually knocked me down as she nervously followed me everywhere.

We will try Prozac, and I will contact a trainer. She was with Jack that day, and in her little doggy mind, she was probably terrified I would leave her.

I have had this weird thing going on now for almost two weeks. During the day, my temperature is near normal, but by 8-9 PM, it’s up to 100.+. Minor cough, nothing big.

And then there is my Delta Medical insurance. They made me get a new number with a new card. Saturday, another card arrived; this was the sister card to Jack’s employee number. That made sense, but then the bill arrived, which was twice the cost of what Jack and I paid for the two of us. I have started a complaint. I sure hope they can resolve this soon. Meanwhile, my Dental Surgeon wants to be paid. I can’t say I blame him.

Halfway through the week, and things hopefully will come together soon. My sister arrives home late tomorrow from her vacation to the UK.


I have the best sister. She called on Messenger every day to check in with me. If you are lucky enough to have someone who calls just to say hello and check in with you, then you truly have it all.


Happy Birthday Uschi

Today is the birthday of my dearest friend, Uschi!

cheers to success

Oh, how I wish she lived just down the street and I could bake her a special cake and bring it over, with a bottle of champagne, and celebrate the day of her birth!


There’s a miracle of Friendship
that dwells within the heart,
And you don’t know how it happens
or where it gets its start…
But the happiness it brings you
always gives a special lift,
And you realize that Friendship
Is God’s most perfect gift.
-Jean Kyler McManus-

Dear friends Uschi Maribeth

So Happy Birthday, my dearest friend and sister!

Sending you all of my love!

The Friday Five ~ September 22nd

The Friday FiveAnother week has gone by. I made it! I did not just survive it, I reveled in all I got done. It wasn’t just a good week. It was a great one! Here’s what’s been happening.

  1. I now have two new toilets, two new shower heads, and a new kitchen sprayer/faucet. I have wanted to do this for a while, but Jack always found excuses. But like any depression-era kid, he was pretty used to his folks saying it was fine just the way it was. In any case, it is nice to have these new items! Positive #1.
  2. I got a quote from a carpenter to repair the trim on the house. Yay! I am so happy about this. Positive #2.
  3. I went out three times for a meal. Once to Hart’s Turkey Farm, Vida Mexican. It was a great Taco salad.

    And the other at George’s Diner. Poor Harts.


    A very drunk driver went right into the front of the building. Luckily, no one was seriously injured. It was all pleasant and nice to be out. I learned to eat alone and played with my cell phone while I ate. Positive #3.

  4. I got three loads of laundry washed, dried, and put away. And the dishes made it into the dishwasher. Positive #4.
  5. After dying slow deaths, the replacements for my blowdryer and electric toothbrush arrived. Just in the nick of time! Positive #5

So, that’s the list for this week. Have a great weekend, everyone!


It’s All About…Finding Your Way

Dog Pablo Picasso
It’s all about…finding your way.

I’ve been part of a couple for a very long time. Even before Jack (35 years!) I was married for 11 years to my former husband. Quite honestly, before that, I lived at home as a teenager. So, I never really had a solo identity. Now, I am suddenly with no other halves or close family. (All at a distance)

The other day, I was walking around the grocery store and didn’t see anyone I knew. I walked around, and part of me felt invisible.

During the last few years of Jack’s illness, I did not go out much. I was on-call 24/7 as his nurse and wife. The last six months especially.

There is no right or wrong here. Jack needed the care, and he wanted to be home. Long ago, I had promised that, if possible, I would keep him at home. I did it. Despite how difficult it was in the end, I feel good that it was one promise I could keep.

So, I am trying to get the improvements made on the house and slowly make it my own.

The important thing is to keep moving and keep living. Make a new life for myself.

I know there is a place for me in this crazy, mixed-up world. I need to find it.


The Friday Five ~ September 15th

The Friday FiveThis week seemed to go on forever. I tried valiantly to stay on top of everything, but unfortunately, I failed. So here goes the crazy week that was.

  1. First thing Monday morning, I was off to the Social Security office. The clerks there are very friendly and helpful. I fear the people operating the computers on the other end messed it all up. This was my third trip there; I hope it will be the last.
  2. When I saw my dentist last week to have my stitches removed, they asked about my insurance. I told them that it should be okay now. Ha! I called Delta, and my insurance is all screwed up, despite paying the Cobra amount for myself. They also took a full payment in August for our joint healthcare, and let’s face it, in August, Jack had ceased to have any health at all.
  3. I am fighting it all. Social Security and health insurance that I know I have. It all just needs to be fixed. I am feeling overwhelmed by all of this though. I stopped by the cemetery, walked over to Jack’s grave, and sobbed. I also yelled at him.
  4. This is something that has surprised me. I miss him, I’m grieving, but I am so angry at him. I know that makes no sense at all, but I am. But since he left it’s all been so hard.
  5. Today my plumber arrives to install some new things. After 23 years, a few things needed to be replaced. Call me happy!

So that’s it. I hope everyone stays safe as Hurricane Lee approaches. I am far enough inland, so all I expect is rain.



We can all tell you where we were and what we were doing on that fateful day in September.

September 11, 2001

It was a beautiful day here in New Hampshire. Sunny, bright, clear with blue skies. I was showering and getting ready for a dental appointment while Jack was shingling the house. It was a day like any other here.

Jack had the TV in our bedroom pointed out the window so he could listen to the morning news.

Suddenly, I felt a hand on my arm and Jack told me I had to get out of the shower now; something was happening. I was a little dazed and confused. I shut the water in the shower off and grabbed my towel.


Jack and I watched Fox News, ABC, and CNN in our family room. A plane had hit one of the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center in downtown New York City. Jack, as a former Airline Pilot knew immediately, that it was no accident.



While we watched, suddenly another plane came in and hit the other Tower!
We were both in shock. We listened to reports. No one was saying terrorism, not at first. But both Jack and I knew.


I look at this picture, and I know that none of those innocent people got out alive. That thought brings me to tears each time I see it.

We watched the Towers come down, one and then the other. We knew people had died. We just didn’t know how many.

At 12:30 I drove to my dental appointment. There was not another car on the road. Not one. I got to my dental appointment and found that I was the only patient that hadn’t canceled that day.

When I got home, we watched TV all day. I called my family and my close friends. Just to hear their voices.

It doesn’t matter your political affiliations or how you feel about war. What matters is on September 11, 2001, innocent people died in New York City, In Washington, DC, and in Shanksville, PA.

People like you and like me. Just because. That day I learned that we are no longer safe here at home.


I also learned that when our country is attacked in such a manner, we pull together and unify.

God Bless all who lost their lives that day, to their families, who will never be the same, and all who serve this country each and every day to protect and defend us.

September 11, 2001: Basic Facts

8:46 AM Plane crashes into the north tower of the World Trade Center.
9:03 AM Plane crashes into the south tower of the World Trade Center.
9:17 AM The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) shuts down all New York City area airports.
9:21 AM The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) halts all flights at U.S. airports. It is the first
time in history that air traffic has been halted nationwide.
9:38 AM Plane crashes into the Pentagon. Evacuation begins immediately.
9:45 AM The White House evacuates.
10:05 AM The south tower of the World Trade Center collapses.
10:10 AM A portion of the Pentagon collapses.
10:10 AM Plane crashes in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.
10:22 AM The State and Justice Departments, as well as the World Bank, are evacuated.
10:28 AM The World Trade Center’s north tower collapses.
10:45 AM All federal office buildings in Washington, D.C. are evacuated.
1:44 PM Five warships and two aircraft carriers are ordered to leave the U.S. Naval Station
in Norfolk, Virginia to protect the East Coast.
4:10 PM Building 7 of the World Trade Center collapses.

The Flights
American Airlines Flight 11
From: Boston, Massachusetts (Logan Airport)
To: Los Angeles, California
Lives: 92 people on board
Crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46 AM

United Airlines Flight 175
From: Boston, Massachusetts (Logan Airport)
To: Los Angeles, California
Lives: 65 people on board
Crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center at 9:03 AM

American Airlines Flight 77
From: Washington, D.C. (Dulles Airport)
To: Los Angeles, CA
Lives: 64 people on board
Crashed into the Pentagon at 9:38 AM

United Airlines Flight 93
From: Newark, New Jersey
To: San Francisco, California
Lives: 44 people on board
Crashed into rural Pennsylvania (southeast of Pittsburgh)

Victims came from more than 90 countries around the world.
The following are the number of people who died at each site:

World Trade Center 2,823 (includes airline passengers)
Pentagon 125 (not including plane victims)
Flight 11 – 92 people on board
Flight 175 – 64 people on board
Flight 77 – 64 people on board
Flight 93 – 44 people on board

The initial numbers are indelible: 8:46 a.m. and 9:02 a.m, the times the Towers were hit. Time the burning towers stood: 56 minutes and 102 minutes. The time they took to fall was 12 seconds. From there, they ripple out.

That day, these first responders also died as they raced to the scene trying to save anyone they could.

343 Firefighters (including a chaplain and two paramedics) of the New York City Fire Department (FDNY)
37 Police Officers of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Department (PAPD)
23 Police Officers of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and 8 Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics from private emergency medical services.
1 Patrolman from the New York Fire Patrol

Fact Sheet
U.S. Department of State
Washington, DC
August 15, 2002