The Princess Takes A Cruise

Good Morning from the waters of the United Kingdom. My trip is going splendidly, and I am meeting new people and having a wonderful time.

My Cabin is roomy and comfortable. I have a balcony, but it has been slightly cold, so I have not been out there too much, although going in and out of ports will find me out there watching the entire thing.

The first event was the Swannery in Portland, England. It was the first thing I wrote, so scroll back to read about it and see some amazing pictures.

The next day was a Sea Day, and I should have taken the time to put up my feet and do nothing. However, being a somewhat social butterfly, I was all over the ship.

It felt so large, and there were many places to check out.

I was not paying attention to what I was eating or when. Time zone changes will make your hunger brain signals go a little wacky.

After our shore excursion to Cork, Ireland, I checked my blood sugar thrice daily. This has been good for me as a gentle reminder not to eat all these extraordinary sticky, gooey confections. I stopped with the sweets and even cut down on the bread.

I loved Cork and the people I met there. Our bus driver and tour guide were kind and knowledgeable. Many people wanted to go and kiss the Blarney Stone, and perhaps it would have been a good thing for me to do, but with over a hundred steps, I decided to shop on level ground. After all, with my luck, I would bend over to kiss the Blarney Stone and fall!

Before I left, I asked the grandchildren what they wanted from my trip, especially Savannah, who was celebrating her 12th birthday. Again, go back a few days for a little montage to celebrate my girl!

The special at this shop was if you spent so much money, they would wrap it all up, take care of the VAT tax, and ship it to my home. I bought out the store! Ha!

I met an excellent Future Cruise Agent here, Mandy. She is from South Africa. She has helped me arrange a few things, and I am thrilled. She can get me perks I would otherwise not be able to get.

Then it was onto Dublin. Oh, I so wanted to enjoy Dublin, but quite honestly, our Tour Guide did not like the Brits or the Americans, and he still dwells back in time when Ireland was full of unrest. He also had a busload of people with mobility issues, and we were all begging to stop for a moment, but he refused.

I have never complained about a side trip on my cruises, but seeing these 65-80-year-old people begging for a bathroom break broke me. I made sure this Tour Guide was reported. It just wasn’t right!

Now, that was the only negative thing that’s happened.

Once back on the ship, I noticed my feet swelling even more.


It is like walking on water balloons filled with needles.

I went to the Spa, where I soaked and had my legs and feet rubbed. There was no way I was going to miss Liverpool the next day.

I was up early and the first one on the bus! Our Tour Guide and Driver were native Liverpudlians who loved the Fab Four as much as I do. She was amazing. Imagine going to Penny Lane or Strawberry Field and listening to the music as you arrive.


This gal knew her shopping and where to go to get what we wanted!

It was just as wonderful as I imagined it to be. I will say I felt a natural longing for Janet and Melodie, especially Janet, with whom I used to play Barbie Dolls. They were always the Beatles and whatever girl they were with.

20240601_085256When I returned to the ship several hours later, I realized I had not seen the iconic statue of the Lads from Liverpool. I asked how far it was and was directed a few blocks to the statue. As I hobbled along, I thought about getting home without this picture. Indeed, I would be thrown out of the family.

20240601_131101Me with the Lads from Liverpool!

That is all for today. I could write forever, but I must put my feet up and drink lots of water.

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