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In the last few days, I have been reading excerpts in articles about the book Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand have written about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. They claim they never spoke to them about any of what is written, but certain events and accounts of them were obviously given to them by the dynamic duo.


Here are my personal feelings about the entire Sussex Affair. Please read the disclaimer below.

Meghan Markle grabbed on to being a “Senior Royal” the second that ring was on her hand. She obviously never understood that one must “EARN” the title.

This was another odd thing. Senior Royal? Who the heck coined that term?

The only Senior Royals are the Queen, Prince Charles, and Prince William

Even back in the day, pre-marriage, and children for the Queen’s children, it was always understood that the line of succession started there, behind the Queen.

Personally, I was leery of MM even before the wedding. I didn’t want to be, but something in my gut suggested that she was, perhaps, a very good actress. And Prince Harry had led a somewhat sheltered (spoilt, gets everything he wants and has never worked a day in his life!) life, it would not be hard to turn his head.

MM’s family members claim that she studied the Royal Family. Most especially Princess Diana. And looking back over the last few years I have watched her dress like Harry’s late mother time and time again.

The new book claims that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are horrible snobs with bratty children.

Well let’s see, William has never missed a beat. He is a good son, a good husband, and a good father. He recognized that the public would want to be part of his life.

He and Catherine have graciously shared their children with the world while maintaining their privacy.

William and Catherine are good leaders and excel at being Patrons of their charitable organizations. They are the bright light for England’s future.

In my opinion, MM has done nothing but demand things, have temper tantrums, and has been displeased with everything offered. It is never enough.


Imagine, you are given a Fairy Tale Wedding, to a Prince in a beautiful land (not your own). It is completely paid for, and the groom’s father, who will one day be King of the land, walks you down the aisle.

Your living expenses are covered, as are all of your clothing expenses. A driver takes you wherever you want to go, and a chef cooks for you and housekeepers clean for you. No more “Tidy Bowl” moments for you Ms. Markle!

In return is was expected that she follow the rules of decorum. Dress in proper clothing, wear stockings when at official gatherings, and conduct herself in a manner becoming a Duchess.

She did not. She was bitter, angry, fired people for not doing their jobs “good enough” in her measure. Others simply left to escape her wrath.

When her baby arrived, there was no announcement for some time. We didn’t see the baby for a while either. After the initial viewing, that was all we saw until Archie was presented to Desmond Tutu.

The people of England and the world were never included in Archie’s life. Except when his publicity hound mother wanted to make a statement.

The unhappy Sussex Family somehow made their way to Los Angeles California. This is where a “Little Fish” Prince and his wife and son can pretend to be something special.

Who would ever have thought that anyone could turn our hardened hearts about Camilla? She has worked tirelessly, quietly. She has made Prince Charles happy, and she has never missed a beat with her Patronages. She is a delightful Lady!

After the last two years, we’ve seen what a real selfish family and friend wrecker can do in short order. Harry no longer speaks to any of his family and friends. MM may think she is Royal, but no, MM was never Royal. You have to work hard to earn that.

Since we live in a fishbowl of sorts, please read the disclaimer below.

Disclaimer: All material on my blog is found in the public domain and is for entertainment/discussion only. It complies with the US fair use and UK fair dealings guidelines. It is up to the individual to make up their own mind and do their own research. Everything written in this blog is considered ‘allegedly’ in its correctness. I sometimes voice my opinion which might be wrong. I sometimes post information I don’t agree with for discussion purposes. I DO allow FAIR CRITIQUE of people in professional roles ie: the British Royal Family BUT will not allow any form of racism, body shaming, pack mentality, or similar abuse on this Blog. While I disallow & moderate inappropriate language in the Blogs’ comments section, I am not responsible for the comments and might not necessarily agree with the comments. I do encourage lively debate and opposing ideas, but reserve the right to delete conversations if they are obvious trolling or inappropriate.


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  1. I pretty well agree with all you have said, although you have better knowledge than I do. You are so right about Camilla, whatever wrongs happened in the past. I can’t really agree party boy Prince Harry really led a sheltered life though.

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