More & More Peaches!

After swearing I would not make a batch of Heavenly Peach Jam, I broke down the other day and made a batch. Oh my goodness, I think, perhaps, that this is the very best batch of the Peach Jam that I have ever made.

Peach Jam

This morning, I had some on my toast and it was amazing! So, this afternoon when I returned from having my hair done, I noticed our patio table was full of delicious perfectly ripe peaches!

20200915_173711Somehow I knew that my Jam making wasn’t over. So Tomorrow I will get the oranges, maraschino cherries, and get ready to do one more batch of Heavenly Jam.

The peaches will be peeled and mashed, the rest of the ingredients put into my great Jam Kettle, and then on Thursday I will cook it down and can it for use at a later date

The Peaches are so beautiful on the trees too. I think, although this is a season with a small crop, the peaches are the tastiest we have raised.


The end result is so worth all the work!


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  1. I love home made jam. I used to buy it form the local farmer’s market and since I eat very little jam it would last me quite a while. But I have never tried peach jam, so it is on my list for the next market visit.

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