You Can’t Make This Stuff Up…

On Friday I was out quite a bit in the morning. This is the last weekend of Motorcycle Week and my little bit of Heaven is jam-packed with people, mostly Bikers.

Since I had to drive Lili out to the Veterinarian and then go back to pick her up after her teeth cleaning, trust me, I saw way more driving than I wanted to be doing.

On my way out and back in the early morning, the Bikers were just up. Restaurant parking lots were packed with isle after isle of motorcycles. Most of these people were middle-aged and were riding their HOGS (Harley Davidson). Some were riding the newer fad for us Senior Citizens, a three-wheel trike so as not to fall over.

The disturbing vision I saw was a younger Biker with no helmet, who had a 5 or 6-year-old boy on the back of his bike. The child did have a helmet on but was wearing shorts and sneakers and a short sleeve shirt. He also did not fit in, tucked next to his Dad, but was positioned so he almost looked like he was flying behind the bike. I just felt like this was a tragedy waiting to happen.

The next bike passenger made me both laugh and shake my head. She was a young woman, with neat French braids. She wore no helmet, but here is a list of her clothing.

One pair of cut-off jeans shorts, that are the shortest I’ve ever seen. She was very thin, so she could get away with them at say, a cookout, but…

Next, she was wearing a tube top. This skinny little top left nothing to the imagination and I think this item might be banned in several states!  I would bet one large bump would find her girls displayed for all to see! But here was the ultimate of unsafe bike-wear. On her feet, she was wearing flip-flops! Now there is a girl who would suffer severe road-rash and injury should her boyfriend have an accident driving his bike.

Honest to goodness, you can’t make this stuff up!

Meanwhile, the constant hum of motorcycles continues and tonight there will be live music less than a mile from our home. It is what it is. Once a year, loud, a boatload of cash coming into our area. After a smaller Bike Week last year due to Covid, people are really enjoying this year! And it’s good for our businesses!

PS: Lili made out very well with her dental. Her teeth were all perfect and now her teeth are clean!

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3 thoughts on “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up…”

  1. Common sense isn’t very common after all, is it?

    There are a lot of intelligent bikers, of course, but it’s the irresponsible ones that get te attention. My favorite? Stop and go traffic, and a guy on his bike weaving in and out of lanes, traveling between cars instead of staying in his lane…

  2. I expect it is an old age thing, but I really dislike motor bike riders and their machines. Loud noise? Begone! Go quietly among the people.

  3. That girl lol! I had an outfit I wore like that on Calvin’s bike! Woohoo the good old days lol

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