Introducing Heidi!!

Heidi is nearly four weeks old now. Technically I guess, she is three and a half. But I like to think more about 4 weeks because then it is only six weeks until I bring her home.

I thought today I would introduce you to the newest member of our dackel family.

Here she is on the 22nd of October. She is the very smallest one with the red collar.

October 22I remember seeing her the first few days, and feeling like I already knew this pup. I know that sounds strange, but it’s like my soul knew hers.

She is the very smallest in her litter, but she has been mighty and brave as she would fight for a nipple. Little pups are born with their eyes sealed closed and their ears too. What they do in those first couple of weeks is all instinct.

After their eyes opened and they began to hear, they would eat their fill and then settle into pig piles to sleep. Heidi is the one with the smallest head.

Nov 5 ~ 3I’ve joked with her breeder that “She be small, but she be mighty!” Yes, that’s my girl!


Heidi November 14th. 2jpgThis photo was taken on Sunday morning.

She is now up on her legs and starting to really move around. Apparently, she is a little growler!

Her beard and hairy paws are beginning to show and in another week she will start to look like a true Wire-haired Dackel!

I will keep you all posted as to how my little darling is doing. Six weeks can’t go by fast enough for me!

I want to thank Gail, the breeder of this beautiful litter of pups, for allowing me to use these pictures.


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