Happy 50th Anniversary ~ Melodie & Ron!

Fifty years ago today, I stood by my sister’s side as she said her wedding vows. Melodie was marrying her soul-mate, Ron. I watched them look into each other’s eyes, and I knew their marriage would last. Here is what Mel has to say about her life with Ron and a short montage after.


“Ron and I celebrate 50 years of marriage today! We are so blessed to have each other and still be so in love! We did not have beautiful wedding photos so during the past year we dressed up and took many pictures of us at several special places! It was great fun! Once we had taken all the photos my dear sister made a wonderful slide show set to our pick of music! Thank you Maribeth for doing this for us!! We hope you all enjoy it!”

Happy 50th Anniversary!

3 thoughts on “Happy 50th Anniversary ~ Melodie & Ron!”

  1. What a fabulous step back in time but in real time which is all the more fun! Mel, I’m so impressed that you could still wear your wedding gown! LOVED seeing all the fabulous locations that you chose to recreate this beautiful album! I’m not surprised that the beach was one special spot as I know you both love the seashore. Thank you for bringing a huge smile to my face! Thanks also to Maribeth for incorporating these gorgeous pictures into such a fabulous slide show! Happy 50th Anniversary to a very special couple! Sending lots of love always…Jan. ❤️❤️

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