The Friday Five ~ Christmas Eve

20200206_160117Well, here we are, Christmas Eve. The Year is nearly gone and soon Santa will arrive at people’s houses and children will squeal with joy! Christmas will be here!

  1. I have been planning Fondue for Jack and me for our Christmas Eve dinner. I bought all that I needed on Wednesday and Thursday, and so Friday I will do some laundry and a little cooking. But mostly I will just be hanging out. Perhaps watch a Christmas movie or two. I will not be going to the store or Post Office or anything.
  2. Today (Thursday) the new puppy gate arrived. I opened the box and everything fell out piece by piece! I sat in the middle of the kitchen floor laughing because “some assembly required” was indeed an understatement!
    I sat there trying to make heads or tails of the instructions. Not one piece of the gate was labeled, but eventually, I did figure it out. I got it all installed and presented it to Jack.
    He was not impressed and asked me to remove it until Heidi comes home.
    Really? Really?

    So, I took it down and it’s all ready to go NEXT WEEK when I bring my girl home!
  3. It’s cold and icy, and my driveway plow guy was here spreading sand. I am fortunate to have a Highlander that just pulls me right up the hill! Still, I would like it warmer than 12 degrees F!
  4. Next week I have to drive Jack in for a blood test, and also I want to vacuum, and dust, and finish preparing for my trip!

5. Here is ABBA’s new Christmas song. It’s lovely and I find it joyous and soothing.

Happy Christmas Eve!


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