The Friday Five ~ January 14th

20200206_160117The week sped by, and as I am a new Mom to baby dackel, Heidi there are not enough hours in the day. Here are the top five things on my mind this week.

    1.  Tuesday was a big day. I had to drive all over New Hampshire, as Jack had appointments. The roads were fine, but we left here at 8:30 AM and didn’t get home until 4:45 PM. It was also a big day for Heidi as she came with us!

20220111_102751Heidi on the go!

2. On Tuesday night I started to feel crappy. Tired, congested, coughing, and sneezing. I fell asleep in my chair and Jack claims I was snoring loudly. (Who, me?)

3. Wednesday I felt like I had a cold. All stuffy, tired, and with a giant frog in my throat.

4. The symptoms have stayed about the same and so I have not gone and been tested. I really think I have a simple cold. Jack is fine.

5. Heidi is teething, and she is chewing on everything. Bones, toys, me, and poor Lili. We are correcting her and look forward to the time when she is done with teething. For now, we keep providing chew toys and then when we must correction. Which is so frigging hard to do because she has the most innocent face ever!

So that’s my week. I hope you are all well!


One thought on “The Friday Five ~ January 14th”

  1. I didn’t really know dogs teethed like humans. It may depend on the breed, and in your case I hope Dakels get past the chewing once their teeth are developed.

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