Heidi ~16-Weeks

I thought today I would write a little about Heidi at 16 weeks. I finally feel like we are getting to know the pup she is becoming. It’s quite amazing, but as she settles in, I see this whole new pup.

She was the smallest in her litter which made her a bit feisty. I think it was because she knew early on she had 5 other littermates to get under control.

The breeder told me that she was pretty fearless and that she did not allow any of the others to pick on her. And at first, Heidi spent a lot of time putting Lili in her place. She was bold and bossy. At times I wondered if it would have been a better fit with one of the less feisty pups!

But, Heidi is now settling in. At 16 weeks she is getting calmer and cuddlier. I so love those moments!


She is 99.9% house-broken, so I have more time to relax and actually play with her without fear that she will have an accident.

She loves to sleep between my knees and I often find her that way when I am watching TV or typing on my computer.


She loves to go for walks, even when the snow is up to her belly. She is still light enough to walk on top of the snow piles without sinking. But at 13 + pounds, she will be sinking down into it, I am sure!

I brought her with me to the UPS Store today and the owner could not believe how different she looks in such a short time.

These dackel babies look like small adorable compact pups at first, and one day you notice their backs have gotten longer, and their chest has sprung, giving them the classic outline of a dackel. Also, Heidi has gotten the cutest real dackel nose now.

Here is one of the best things about her. She is not a barker! Oh my goodness, Anneliese sure could bark up a storm, so having this adorable pup who tends to be very quiet is a nice bonus.

20220209_161524How lucky I am to have this little ball of fur in my life. She is everything I’d hoped for and so much more!

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