A Day in the Life of a Little Dog

Each morning I get up before the sun. After the pups have their breakfast, we go for our first walk. Up, up, up, the driveway, and then back down.

The Ice Fishing Derby was being held this weekend. We can watch from our front yard!

20220211_071947This coming back from one of our walks. Down, what I refer to as the impossible driveway. Yes, I wear ice treads!

20220212_115727After the long walk, lots of snuggles with the mommy!

20220212_091705Heidi sitting on a crocheted blanket I made that is wonderfully warm, but pills and sheds terribly! Needless to say, Heidi loves this one, and in some ways, I do too.


She is just a real cutie pie and she has totally stolen my heart and made my world a better place.


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