Yes, Grandma Is Proud

Today the local paper had an article on the front page about one of my puppies. Anja was adopted by a man who wanted to train her to blood track here in New Hampshire. Legislation was passed on January 1st that allows the use of tracking dogs to find wounded deer, moose or bear. Paul has worked so hard and Anja loves what she is doing. To date she has successfully found 3 deer. Finding downed deer is part of the ethic of hunting. One I truly approve of.

So, there her picture was. My heart filled with joy, pride and happiness!


If you have high speed internet access you can read the entire article here but I must warn you that the site downloads very slowly.

Meanwhile, I am feeling so thrilled. I have wanted to breed not just beautiful dogs, but dogs with good health and the ability to serve, whether that service is in the field or in the home.


So congratulations to Paul and his Anja on a job well done and service to the community!

8 thoughts on “Yes, Grandma Is Proud”

  1. How wonderful ! I can understand that you are very proud ! I hate hunting but it is very nice when a dog is trained to find wounded deer, so they won’t suffer too long.

  2. This is great! A wonderful article about Anja and it may bring in some likely buyers for the next litter.

  3. It really is so neat. A very nice article–once it finally downloaded! 🙂
    Hope you have a great day!
    Lots of Love,

  4. Thanks,
    this post allmost melted my heart. Everyone that respect all kinds of life would be grateful for people that understand to stop animal sufferings.


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