Queen Elizabeth II ~ King Charles III

It’s been an odd time. I’m sixty-three years old and for the very first time, Queen Elizabeth II is no longer with us.

I have been watching the BBC, as well as Sky News, and ITN on the computer. I’ve watched the Church Services and heard the Choirs singing. I’ve watched the Queen being moved all over Scotland and England, and I have seen her family weeping at her loss.

Each time I went to Great Briton, Elizabeth was there. For a while, I even subscribed to HELLO Magazine which was sent over to me. How I enjoyed reading all about the Queen and the Royals.

In Great Briton, they call you a Royalist if you favor the Royal Family. I don’t know if I am a true Royalist, but I did love the Queen, and I love to follow William, Catherine, and their young family. I also enjoy other members of the family, like Princess Anne and Countess Sophie, who do so much charity work.


I believe that King Charles will do a good job. He is finally old enough to understand what he needs to do. And bless his Camilla. She has taken a lot of flack, but after their marriage, she’s kept her head down and worked hard towards children’s literacy, the prevention of cruelty to animals, and her most important work with domestic violence.

I’ll keep following them. I wish King Charles a happy and healthy time in office. I pray for him and for the family.

And may her gracious Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II rest in eternal peace.


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  1. I studied English history in college, and I’ve always been fascinated by the kings and queens of Britain. I am sad that Her Majesty has passed, but I am enjoying the pomp and pageantry and traditions that accompany her final journey.

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