Merry Christmas


Wherever you are, or what time zone you may be in, I wish you and yours, a very Merry Christmas.

My bags are packed and the presents too. I have also packed Heidi’s bag as she is coming with me.

Dear little Heidi leapt off my chair last night and hurt her back paw. I rested her today and she is worlds better. Of course, due to the frigid temperatures, (5-10 degrees F most of the day) she did not want to go out until she put her cape on. And she loves that fleece and leather cape and has refused all attempts to have me take it off.

320968829_533391635399196_2772961566186759185_n (1)Heidi and I leave early tomorrow for Mandy’s house. It will be wonderful to spend Christmas with Mandy and her little family!

So here’s to Christmas and all the joy the day brings!



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